Genshin Impact leaks: Ayaka and Lisa skins to be released soon

ayaka and lisa skins featured

Amidst all of the recent leaks for the next update of Genshin Impact, new information about Ayaka and Lisa skins being in the making have surfaced. Hoyoverse has started to give more attention to character outfits, and it seems just right that more of those are coming in the next few patches.

The information comes from BLANK and Mero, who both seem to have more information than they’re showing. But for some reason, they’re deciding to reveal more about them only later. It will build some hype, for sure.

Ayaka and Lisa skins information

The rumors started when Mero posted a simple Tweet with the names of both of the girls. BLANK was quick to answer and give some info on both of the skins.

According to them, the skins will be coming in the future patches, with no specific dates. This may also be because they’re still in development. But BLANK suggests that Mero already knows about how they’ll be, so this is up to speculation.

As with all rumors, this could easily be a fake or misinformation at least. The strongest argument for this is that all of the current outfits that have been released so far have been always a pair for a Standard 5-star character and a non-initial 4-star. Ayaka and Lisa both don’t fit the conditions.

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Credit: Hoyoverse

As Diluc is receiving the most expansive outfit yet in the game in the next patch, Qiqi should be the next on the line for a skin instead. Also, it’s somewhat strange to decide to give Lisa of all of the 4-stars a new outfit, as while she’s very popular as a character, she rarely sees play.

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But what Hoyoverse might be trying to achieve is the popularity itself. Qiqi is very infamous for appearing when people lose 50/50, and is considered by the weakest of the standard 5-stars. Ayaka on the other hand holds the record for the best-selling banner in all of Genshin’s history, and is one of the best DPS characters in the game.

While there are many popular 4-star characters such as Bennett and Xingqiu who would be great picks for having new skins, Lisa’s skin might be directly related to lore, as she was the best student in Sumeru’s academy in the latest years. She is speculated to have some role in the next quests, and the skin might be a reference for this.

ayaka and lisa skins 2
Credit: Hoyoverse

Again, we don’t know when they will be introduced or not even if they are real or not. But it’s nice to know that new skins are coming to the game. As far as we know, these two might not even be the next ones to be released, but as soon as new info on Ayaka and Lisa skins appears, we’ll be sure to notice.

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