Genshin Impact: 7 Fun facts about Lisa, the birthday girl

The 9th of June marks the birthday of Lisa, the humble librarian of the Knights of Favonius. But how much do you really know this Electro character?

Ara ara! If you feel like you still have much to know about this sweet-talking librarian who calls you “cutie” or “darling,” check out these fun facts about Lisa, and you might just remember something or learn something new. However, if it turns out that you already know everything that’s listed here, then in a true Lisa fashion, we congratulate you, cutie!

Without further ado, let’s proceed with our list.

1. She studied and was a top student in Sumeru Academia.

Lisa not only attended the renowned Sumeru Academia, but she was also at the top of her class and was even considered the Academia’s best student in 200 years.

Considering her impressive knowledge and skill, it was expected of her to seek more power. However, people were baffled when she chose a different path, returned to Mondstadt, and became its librarian. This was after Lisa witnessed how the insatiable desire for knowledge turned some scholars into madmen.

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2. For a former top student, she sure loves to take lots of naps.

Although Lisa seems to perform her tasks flawlessly like a former top student is expected to, people often find her yawning and even sleeping at her desk. In fact, you’ll hear her yawn and talk about naps in her voice lines. Because of this, she has been compared to a languid cat.

3. Except for work, she doesn’t really go out that much.

As she’s most likely sleeping or reading a book in the library, people in the City of Mondstadt rarely see Lisa outside. She also doesn’t seem to like socializing with others, except with the Traveler whom she calls “cutie” and “darling.” On the few occasions that she does go out, it’s to collect books that are long overdue as was the case during the Troublesome Work Quest.

4. She is Razor’s mentor.

If you thought that only Andrius, the Wolf of the North, taught Razor how to fight, you’re wrong.

Although Lisa isn’t the most sociable of people, she was actually the one who helped the Wolf Boy learn how to use his Vision and fight. And boy was she impressed with how quickly Razor learned!

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5. She seems to know something deeper about Visions.

Lisa might have acquired the knowledge she wanted with the use of her Vision, but she also sensed a darker truth behind it. This is apparent in her story and voice lines. In fact, she is the first character to hint that Visions can bring more harm than good the longer someone uses it. This is ultimately the reason why she chose a different path and became a humble librarian instead.

6. She loves vegetables and is most likely vegetarian.

During the Troublesome Work Quest, you will go on a “date” with Lisa and go around the city to collect overdue books. It is also during this Story Quest that you’ll find out from Sara from the Good Hunter that Lisa prefers vegetarian food. This makes Lisa unique as most people in Mondstadt seem to like Sticky Honey Roast.

Genshin Impact Fun facts about Lisa
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7. She loves veggies but hates pumpkins.

She may be vegetarian and loves her vegetables, but Lisa has cucurbitophobia or the fear of pumpkins. In fact, in one of her voice lines, she specifically says:

I suffer from extreme pumpkinphobia. The fall harvest is a difficult time of year for me, as you can imagine. I wonder if it would be worth the trouble to make all the pumpkins in the world disappear…


So, did you learn more from these fun facts about Lisa? Or did you just find out that you’re a certified Lisa expert?

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