Fortnite Festival Adds Official Fender Guitars

Fortnite Festival Fender Guitrs Item Shop

Fortnite Festival is the next evolution of the rhythm game genre, popularized by games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band in the 2000s and 2010s. While the genre has seen a steep decline in popularity over the past decade, it still has a small diehard community that plays fan-made games such as Clone Hero and YARG.

The release of Fortnite Festival has once again brought the series back into the mainstream spotlight, with artists such as Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, Linkin Park, Blink-182, and Kendrick Lamar already appearing in the mode, with Juice WLRD, Katy Perry, Jimmy Eat World, and DMX appearing in this week’s Fortnite Festival songs due to be added on Thursday, March 14.

The Fortnite Item Shop includes both the Fender Stratocaster and Precision Bass, marking the first instrument collaboration for Fortnite Festival since the mode launched in December 2023. Currently, all of the instruments that players can use in-game are originally made by Epic Games.

Both instruments cost 800 V-Bucks and the Fender Stratocaster comes in black, red, and blue, while the Fender Precision Bass comes in a natural Yellow, Black, and Teal. You can check out images of the new guitars below.

Fortnite Festival Fender Stratocaster Item Shop
Credit: Epic Games/Fender

Fortnite Festival Fender Precision Bass Item Shop
Credit: Epic Games/Fender

Fender has long been an official partner of Harmonix, the developer behind Fortnite Festival, allowing its instrument models to be included in the game and produced as plastic instruments for the Rock Band series of games. The Rock Band series has seen the Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, Mustang, and Precision Bass be made into plastic instruments, which could hint at future models that could come to Fortnite.

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Rock Band 2 Fender Stratocaster Guitar
Credit: Harmonix/Fender

With Fender being an official partner of Harmonix, it could mean that any collaborative instruments will be exclusively Fender, but it would be great to see the likes of Gibson, Schecter, and B.C. Rich included in the future. Also, could this be a sign that we may see officially licensed Fortnite Festival instruments in the future? But, until that day comes, the PDP Riffmaster is set to hit stores soon, marking the first time an official instrument has been manufactured since 2017.