FNF Week 8 Update: Dev Tweets and Possible Release!

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While I did pen an article a few months back about when FNF Week 8 would come out, I figured it’s about high time to get that information up to date. While some of the information is still relevant, a lot more info has come out through the composer and programmer Kawaisprite and Ninjamuffin99 respectively. Here’s everything we know!

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So, while the situation in the broad strokes is similar to before, we may have a better idea of the FNF Week 8 release. As the Kickstarter states, the web version will receive some levels made for the Full Ass Game, though it seems like this will be relatively few and far between. Considering Week 7 was already months ago, this seems to be the case.

FNF Kickstarter Week 7
Credit: Funkin Crew

However, that isn’t to say there’s nothing new from the team since then. Ninjamuffin, the programmer of the title, recently popped off about Newgrounds having the highest search result for Friday Night Funkin, and commented on tossing together Week 7 source code and such. Currently, the week is exclusive to Newgrounds.

While Phantom Arcade tweeted about revealing a Week 8 trailer live at E3 2021, this appears to have just been some good ol’ Internet bait, as Kawaisprite said only days later that E3 sucks and the team would withdraw from the presentation. I don’t think this is all that relevant to real Week 8 news, but it’s there and some will likely take it as the week being imminent.

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More exact info has been from the composer of the game. After debuting a new non FNF song, 100, Kawaisprite has went to Twitter talking a good bit about burnout, lack of motivation, and honestly just a lot of creative struggles. As can be seen in this thread, though, while development is still happening, there either isn’t enough done to give a teaser or the whole week could be dropped at once.

FNF Week 8 Kawaisprite
Credit: Kawaisprite

The surprise of a sudden Week 8 would be a welcome one, but I think it’s safe to assume that there simply isn’t enough done to have an exact estimate on FNF Week 8. With an estimated release of early 2022, however, I’m fairly confident we’ll get at least two songs or a full week between now and then. Of course, if the situation changes again I’ll be sure to get info out as soon as possible!

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