When is Friday Night Funkin Week 8?

Friday Night Funkin Loading Screen

Last Updated on: 24th September 2021, 12:41 am

Well, its only been a week or so since Week 7 of the hit game Friday Night Funkin was made available on Newgrounds and fans are already clamoring for more funky content. The release time between the previous weeks has been fairly inconsistent overall, so it isn’t a bad question to ask by any means. Here’s all we know about when Friday Night Funkin Week 8 will launch.

The Situation

If you haven’t heard yet, the Funkin’ Crew themselves launched a Kickstarter page to help fund a “Full Ass Game” that seems to be slated for release in early to mid-2022 assuming things go well. As such, I think its reasonable to assume that the free browser and Newgrounds versions won’t be getting much in the way of full-week release content for quite some time, if at all.

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According to the Kickstarter page, the web game WILL receive updates of a sort over time during development of the full game. They say some levels they make will be added to the web version to give fans a taste of what they’re doing in development to both build hype and give current fans something to sink their teeth into.

What I assume this means, aside from the aforementioned select levels, would be things like the Ugh release about a month and a half before the release of Week 7. Fans were given a taste of one of the new songs to feel out the new week, and modders already took to the sky to make the song fully playable before Week 7 officially released. Its pretty impressive and seriously close to the end result. Check it out.

Credit: Rozebud

What Now Then?

Well, while we wait for Friday Night Funkin Week 8, there is still plenty to do regarding the game.

First of all, its been found that almost every song currently in the game has been slightly charted to finer tune the difficulty and better fit the ost by Kawai Sprite. Some examples are M.I.L.F. and Spookeez. Another run through the game certainly isn’t a bad idea what with the changes and how addictive the game already is.

Aside from that, there’s always the extensive modding community to consider. I plan to make a list of some of the finest mods out there so far, ones that are well worth a fan or rhythm game veteran’s time. Before I make that whole thing, though, I’d advise checking out the B Side remixes, a full OST revamp, and recharting the songs to be more difficult.

Friday Night Funkin B Side
Credit: Rozebud

Hopefully, those suggestions will help pacify fans waiting for Friday Night Funkin Week 8, as a full release isn’t exactly likely till the full game releases. The Kickstarter has surpassed over $1 million in donations, so get hype for the full game!

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