Scaramouche release leak shows banner and boss patch

Scaramouche, sixth of the fatui harbingers in genshin impact

A new Scaramouche release leak shows the possible patch we can expect to see the Balladeer, as both a boss and playable banner character.

When will he become playable according to the Scaramouche release leak?

According to this latest Scaramouche release leak from Mero (@merlin_impact on Twitter), we can expect to have a boss fight with Scaramouche in patch version 3.2. Scaramouche is also mentioned as becoming playable via a character banner around the same time, so likely also in patch 3.2, under the name Wanderer.

This largely coincides with other Scaramouche release leak info we’ve seen previously, which have stated around a 3.2 patch release as most likely.

His content is likely to be tied into Sumeru’s storyline as well, given previous appearances by both him and other Fatui Harbingers were very much story relevant, and both previous Fatui Harbinger boss fights against Childe and Signora were introduced in the story.

Scaramouche release banner and boss fight likely in 3.2 according to leak
Credit: SportsSkeeda

There’s quite a lot to go before we reach patch 3.2 though.

For one, we have the upcoming patch 2.8 before we reach Sumeru and the start of its storyline in version 3.0, and the story content in that patch, as well as patch 3.1 and possibly 3.2, is likely to be a requirement before we can access any potential Scaramouche boss fight that this leak indicates.

That leaves us quite a wait before we’re likely to see Scaramouche in fighting form regardless, though he may also appear regularly prior to a fight anyway, similar to Childe in Liyue.

We do already know a fair few things about patch 2.8 and what to expect with its events so far thanks to a few different leaks. Including that we’re likely to be seeing a return of Fischl and Kazuha, as well as Mona and Xinyan if the version art is to be believed.

summer fantasia genshin impact 2.8 version leak
Credit: HoYoVerse, Wangsheng funeral parlor

Moving back to Scaramouche, he hasn’t been as heavily leaked as the likes of Yae Miko, as pretty much her entire kit was well in advance of release, he does have a few known details about him even now. He does have a few different names, including Scaramouche, now the Wanderer if this leak is to be believed, as well as the name he went by inside Inazuma, and his Fatui title, the Balladeer.

It is also expected that he will be a catalyst user, as previous possible Scaramouche release leak info has indicated.

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