Genshin Impact Dehya Leaks: Leakers reveal early info about her talents, signature weapon, ascension passive, and constellations

Genshin Impact - Dehya Leaks

First appearing in Genshin Impact‘s Chapter III, Act I (Through Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark), Dehya is an Eremite mercenary who works as a personal bodyguard for Dunyarzad.

While this mercenary says that she’s just about business, she might actually care about her employer. In fact, she later secretly sells her own claymore and donates the Mora for the Sabzeruz Festival that Dunyarzad is trying to revive.

Dehya is known to the Eremites as a powerful mercenary who also goes by the name “Flame-Mane.” But while she does look the part, little is currently known about her kit as a future playable character.

Leakers reveal early info about Dehya’s Elemental Skill, Burst, Signature Weapon, Ascension Passive, and Constellations

Based on her character design and her alias “Flame-Mane,” it has long been known that Dehya is a Pyro character. But what can she do as a playable character? Recently, leakers gave expecting fans an idea about her kit.


Earlier this week, leaker Project Celestia tweeted that her Elemental Skill allows her to create a tomb or a gravestone, saying:

Surprisingly her skill data is also fairly complete:
– Elemental Skill: creates a gravestone/tomb, that she inserts her claymore into and when it “closes”, it deals AoE damage.
While it’s on the field, it finds the nearest enemy and attacks.

Genshin Impact - Dehya leaks - Elemental Skill- Project Celestia

As for her Burst, it is still unclear how it works. However, the same leaker said that there were mentions of “Blade Storm,” “Invincible,” and “Weather Change.” The leaker also added that this Burst might deal DOT (damage over time).

A bit like the Wanderer, her burst data is still preliminary:
– There are names such as “Blade Storm”, “Invincible” and “Weather Change”.
– There’s also something about it changing her jumping and/or skill button.

Also found a mention of it doing “dot” (damage over time) at certain intervals.

Genshin Impact - Dehya leaks - Elemental Burst - Project Celestia

Lastly, Project Celestia shared an image of what looks like Dehya’s signature weapon. Based on its appearance, it can be assumed that it is part of the Deshret Series of weapons similar to Cyno’s Staff of the Scarlet Sands and Nilou’s Key of Khaj-Nisut.

Genshin Impact - Dehya Leaks - Weapon

A more recent leak supports some of the information previously provided by Project Celestia while also providing details about Dehya’s ascension passive and constellations. This was posted on the Dehya Mains subreddit. However, it is currently tagged as a “Sus Leak.”

It is important to note that since this information is a Google Translation from Japanese to English, it can be presumed that the “Disia” in this leak is actually Dehya and “Elemental Knowledge” is Elemental Mastery.

Genshin Impact - Dehya Fight
Credit: HoYoverse


According to the “Sus Leak,” Dehya’s First Ascension passive “increases Disia’s Elemental Knowledge based on Disia’s defense and attack power.” On the other hand, her Second Ascension Passive is said to increase the Pyro Elemental damage of the entire team.

Genshin Impact - Dehya Leaks - Ascension Passive
Credit: r/Dehyamains

As for her constellations, the leak says the following:

Genshin Impact - Dehya Leaks - Constellations
Credit: r/Dehyamains

Again, this leak posted on the Dehya Mains Subreddit was tagged “sus” for a reason. While there might still be some truth in it, it can be pointed out that Constellations 3 and 5 are supposed to increase the character’s talents.

This, again, goes to show that leaks are just leaks, unofficial and subject to change.

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed by miHoyo, also known as HoYoverse. The game is available for PC, PS4, PS5, iOS, and Android, while a release on Nintendo Switch is currently in the works