Genshin Impact 1.5 Preload available now for PC and mobile!

Genshin Impact 1.5 Launcher banner Image, Preload

The 1.5 Preload for Genshin Impact is available now for PC and mobile systems, allowing you to get the download done in advance of release day.

If you have slower internet speeds, or you just want to make sure you play right away on release day, this would be a wise idea to take advantage of.

When is the Genshin Impact 1.5 Preload?

Right now. It’s available literally as you’re reading this, if you’re on PC or a mobile system, so get going and get it downloaded if you need to!

What can we expect from Genshin Impact 1.5?

Quite a lot, all things considered.

Judging by the state of the Genshin community recently, one of the things looked forward to the absolute most is the upcoming 1.5 Zhongli banner event, which we have covered here.

Zhongli is a popular 5-star in high demand, so naturally, players are planning on pouring Primogems by the thousands if not more, into attempting to pull him. Full details of the event wish are available here on Hoyolab.

Zhongli Financial support memery
You can expect to lose a lot of your finances if you expect to be pulling this 5-star, if everything we know about Zhongli is any guide.
Credit: hoyolab user omigiri from article comments

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If Zhongli isn’t your thing (which doesn’t seem to be true for most of the player base right now), then there’s still plenty to look forward to in 1.5 regardless.

There are two new characters, Eula and Yanfei, new monsters to beat, and among other things, a new housing system located entirely within a teapot

Yes you did read that last one correctly.

How big is the download?

There will be two separate downloads to deal with. The first is the far smaller launcher update which will take over the game launcher automatically – even on my relatively slow connection, this only took around 3 minutes.

So there’s very little to worry about with this portion.

Genshin Impact 1.5 Launcher update
Genshin Impact 1.5 Launcher update, Credit: miHoYo

Following that, you’ll be presented with the Genshin Impact client as shown below.

By and large, if you’ve been playing recently you’ll probably be familiar with this view by now, with one small new addition.

Genshin Impact Launcher 1.5 Preload
Genshin Impact Launcher 1.5 Preload, Credit: miHoYo

As you may have noticed, the Launch button is acompanied by a “Game Pre-installation, Get Now” option. Simply click the small yellow button next to the text (NOT THE LAUNCH ONE) to begin your Genshin Impact 1.5 Preload, and you’re all set.

The download size of the actual update is 7 Gigabytes, so for those of you on slower connections, it may take a while. It’s not particularly large by modern standards, however, so it could certainly be worse.

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Anything else?

Still not sold on the Genshin Impact 1.5 Preload eh?

Well, I haven’t quite covered everything upcoming. You can find a complete list of things here, via the wiki.

It’s a long changelist so if you’re interested set aside some time for it. Maybe read through while preloading to save yourself some time before Genshin Impact 1.5 hits us.

Enjoy the 1.5 update travellers!

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