Genshin Impact: Where to download for PC

Genshin Impact Download (scenery from In game snapshot)

Genshin impact is a hugely popular game lately, and it’s available for lots of different systems, but where can you find the download of the game for PC?

If you’ve checked Steam, for example, you’ll notice that Genshin Impact doesn’t turn up any results.

Where to download Genshin Impact on PC

Genshin Impact isn’t available on typical PC gaming platforms such as Steam or the Windows store – though there has been some reasoned speculation that it may appear on the Epic store at some stage.

So until it appears on Epic, Steam or any other major PC games service, where can you find Genshin Impact to play it on PC?

The main English Genshin Impact website is available here, with information relating to latest updates, promotions and other such details.

A download button present on that page takes you here, where you may download the game for Windows, PS4, Android, or iPhone systems.

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How intensive is Genshin Impact to run?

The system requirements and specifications for the game are listed below the download links on the same page, so those of you wanting additional details for PC specs required can find more there.

Additionally, I’ve included an image of the Windows requirements below. For Android or iOS, see the download website linked in the last segment and simply scroll down.

System Requires for Genshin Impact on PC from Genshin's download website
System Requires for Genshin Impact on PC from Genshin’s download website, Credit: miHoYo

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With that said, PC Genshin seems remarkably well optimized given the scope of the game – I personally have had no issues with a mid-range PC at all, for example – and that’s without tuning settings at all and letting the out of box maximum settings work without interference.

If you’ve been wondering what the game looks like, here’s an example image from the game’s photo mode.

Genshin Impact Photo Mode image of a mountain
Genshin Impact, Photo Mode image of a mountain, Credit: miHoYo

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How big is the download size?

The original download is around 4GB on PC, with a further download of about 4GB afterward. The game itself when installed will take up closer to around 20GB total.

All things considered, for a game of this scope, this download size is quite small. Even the unpacked game is quite light on space usage compared to a lot of recent titles – or even recent title updates, in some cases.

If you’re looking to try the game, both download size and space requirements shouldn’t be an issue on any semi-modern hardware.

Best of luck for those of you who decide to try Genshin Impact out for the first time!