Fortnite: Chrome Splash details and where to find it

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The Chrome Splash turns the player into a metal blob that can phase through walls. Imagine being the Flash or Kitty Pryde of X-Men but in Fortnite.

With Fortnite already on its Chapter 3, Season 4, the hit battle royale is taking it to the next level as it introduces players to the Chrome Splash. This throwable item has the potential to be both a game changer and a lifesaver in the game. It all depends on how well someone can use them to their advantage.

To understand Chrome Splash better, let’s go through the basics of what it is about and where to find these throwable items.


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Where to find the Chrome Splash

If you know where to find resources like metal, wood, or stone, then you can find Chrome Splash. The item can be found almost anywhere in the game. You can harvest them at locations where you are likely to get other resources. They would randomly be included when you destroy the objects. The island is teeming with Chrome Splashes right now; they are everywhere.

If you are unlucky and could barely find any Chrome Splashes or you are not in any location where you can harvest them, you can always get it from an NPC instead. Maximillian is a pilot-looking merchant that can be found in the Floaty Boaties, just between the Shifty Shafts and the Zero Point.

He sells the Chrome Splashes for 250 Gold each. You can refer to the map below for the location of Maximillian.


Fortnite Map

How to use Chrome Splashes

The Chrome Splash is fairly easy to use, especially if you have gotten the hang of it. This throwable item can be tossed to a player (even to yourself) or a wall or façade of a building. The more frequently used method is the second one as it makes it more convenient for players both in combat and transport.

Once you fling the item to a wall, you’ll notice the wall turning into a silver-like color. Some say it looks like a wall of mercury; a liquified state of metal. Once you are successful in doing this, you will now be able to walk through that wall. To do this, simply go inside the wall like how you would go inside a building. It will show a short animation that looks like you’re trying to push your way into the other side.

Take note that this can only be done through upright walls. You cannot throw it on a floor and expect it to pass through the floor. This also applies to walls that you or other players have built. The only time it would disappear is if the wall was destroyed or once the round has ended.


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Chrome Splash strategies and limitations

As previously mentioned, you will not be able to walk through floors. However, you can phase through ceilings as long as you are in your metallic blob form. You turn into this blob if you either throw the item to yourself or if you already tried to walk through a chrome wall. If you remember the Zero Point fish dash back in the last season, it’s fairly similar to that, but this time, you’re a blob.

Once you turn into this form, you will also be immune to fire. As long as you are in your blob form, you will also not take damage from falling. On top of that, you will also notice that you move quicker and can traverse multiple terrains (even water) with ease. During your blob form, you will also be able to traverse through walls. The walls will turn into a silvery portal, similar to how it would look if you threw the Chrome Splash into it. Make sure not to overuse your dash as it would still consume your stamina.

The item does not work in trees or other obstructive matter in the vicinity, aside from walls or yourself. Turning into the blob form is also not permanent. After about 30-40 seconds after turning into the blob, the player will turn back to normal. You also turn back into a silver-like state if you get damaged. This does not remove your fire immunity, but it will make you take damage during a fall.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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