Shiny Clauncher Pokemon Go – Is Clauncher available as a Shiny Pokemon in 2023?

shiny clauncher pokemon go

Last Updated on: 9th June 2023, 11:19 am

We all love a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go, and when you click on the Pokemon, seeing the font change to yellow and those stars appearing is really quite exciting. But is there a Shiny Clauncher in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Pokemon have a very high chance of not escaping those Pokeballs, and with the addition of a Shiny Pokedex section within the game, it’s worth clicking on every Pokemon just to see if they will change to a Shiny variant.

But, the question this time… Is Clauncher available as a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go? Let’s find out!

Shiny Clauncher – does it exist?

Clauncher, coming in on average around 50cm tall, was first introduced to Pokemon in Generation 6.

The Water type Pokemon (known as the Water Gun Pokemon), uses it’s claws to get hold of its prey and shoot water.

With Water Week well underway in Pokemon Go, it seems the perfect time to revisit Clauncher, and find out if Shiny Clauncher Pokemon Go exists.

And we can tell you, it most certainly does!

shiny clauncher pokemon go
Credit: Niantic

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With very distinct changes away from it’s usual Blue form, Shiny Clauncher is red in color with blue stripes. And I think you’ll agree, it’s pretty smart!

shiny clauncher pokemon go
Credit: Niantic

As far as we know, Clauncher has a Shiny spawn rate of approximately 1 in 500, making it a rather special find if you manage to come across one.

However, during events such as water week, they will spawn more frequently in the wild, so it’s worth checking them all.

Pokemon Go is available to download now on Apple and Android Mobile devices