Pokemon Go: What do Pinap berries do?

pinap berry in pokemon go

Pinap berries are one of the main consumable items in Pokemon Go, but what do Pinap Berries actually do in the game?

What do Pinap berries do?

Pinap berries have a simple, and incredibly useful effect in Pokemon Go. When fed to a Pokemon, a Pinap berry will double the amount of candy awarded on a successful capture, if caught while the buff remains.

The applications for this are basic but immensely valuable. For any Pokemon you don’t need the capture boosting effects of a Razz berry or evasion reduction of a Nanab berry, a Pinap berry can be used to make each capture more valuable.

Pinap berry used on ralts in Pokemon go, what do pinap berries do guide
Credit: Niantic, TheClick.GG

This can mean needing only half the number of Pokemon captured you would normally need to reach an evolution. It’s also worth noting, as we’ve mentioned in our candy farming guide for Pokemon Go, that the effect is actually a doubling of candy. Not simply adding three.

While that makes no difference for basic tier Pokemon such as a Caterpie, its evolution Metapod would instead gain +5 candy, and Butterfree would gain +10 through using a Pinap berry prior to being captured. That makes finding random evolved Pokemon much more valuable to you if you can capture it without the benefits of a Razz berry in effect, because you’ll need to capture a lot less wild ones to evolve another or enhance its power.

So, to return to our original question of what do Pinap berries do? They boost your earned candy with the captured Pokemon when used. Of particular note, Pinap berries do boost it via doubling it, making capturing evolved Pokemon or anything that gives above 3 candy as a base value more valuable when caught with one.

Choose accordingly when to employ them as the other berries will help you capture a wild Pokemon, but the effects of Pinap berries do make each individual capture more worthwhile.