Norman Reedus claims more Death Stranding is on the way

Death Stranding is one of those games that hit plenty of people hard and didn’t hit at all for some people. If you’ve never thought that Hideo Kojima of all people would create a literal walking simulator that has ghosts and weird alarms that are also babies, then you don’t know him all that well. It’s a definite departure from the seminal Metal Gear Solid series and takes on a tone that skirts between contemplative and batshit insane.

Regardless of any opinions, Death Stranding has fostered a pretty sizable fanbase of dedicated gamers that have been clamoring for Kojima to revisit his new darling. A sequel seems like a no-brainer, as it has sold very well, but as of right now, Kojima himself hasn’t made any comments on a new sequel, but it definitely seems like one is very possible.

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The return of The Reedus and his fetus?

Sam Bridges climbing a ladder in Death Stranding.
The game with the best ladder mechanics in the industry.
Credit: Kojima Productions

In an interview with IGN Brazil’s partner site, AdoroCinema, Norman Reedus commented on the future of the series by stating that:

“I think we’re doing a second Death Stranding….[it’s] in negotiations right now. So… yay!”

We do know that Kojima Productions is working on something right now, but there hasn’t been much word on the new project, only that it definitely exists. Knowing how experienced Kojima is on making sequels that completely exceed and defy everyone’s expectations, a Death Stranding sequel would most definitely be bigger and better than before.

When it came to the transition between Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2, no one expected such a giant leap in quality; it’s safe to say that a sequel to Death Stranding will both be not and not be what everyone is expecting from Kojima Productions. If Norman Reedus is speaking on the possibility of a sequel, then we can expect the return of the main character, Sam Porter Bridges as well.

Maybe the sequel can transition to giving us a boat or a giant spaceship instead of just some land vehicles and the ability to create highways. Let us make space stations too. Make it happen, Kojima, pretty please.

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