Konami and Bloober Team announce partnership

Konami hasn’t really been too active in making games that don’t involve little metal balls dropping everywhere, so it’s a surprise that they’re teaming up with Bloober Team. If you don’t know Bloober Team, they made some notable horror games in the past couple of years.

The Layers of Fear games, Observer, Blair Witch, and recently, The Medium, have all been under the belt of the developer for a while now. While each of these games looks artistically impressive, the games have had mixed reactions from reviewers and gamers alike. Blair Witch in particular I remember receiving mixed reviews from everyone that played it.

Things might change soon for the people at Bloober Team soon, however.

Hat in the hill

Screenshot of The Medium, developed by Bloober Team, well before they partnered with Konami.
Bloober Team definitely are creative and have some great artistic vision, but could it fit Silent Hill?
Credit: Bloober Team

As announced on June 30th, 2021, on their site’s blog page, Bloober Team has announced their collaborative partnership with Konami. According to Bloober Team President Piotr Babieno:

The fact that such a renowned company as KONAMI has decided to strategically cooperate with the Bloober Team means that we also joined the world leaders in gaming and became an equal partner for the leading players in this market.

The post went on to state that, “…the partners declared cooperation in the development of contents and the exchange of know-how.” What sort of know-how will be shared remains to be seen, but potentially the “developments of contents” could be the creation of a new Silent Hill game, as it’s been rumored on the internet for the past week or so.

Such a notable developer behind a brand new title in the famous horror series could renew interest outside of pachinko machines, as its fate has been as such for the past couple of years.

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Back from the grave?

Murphy Pendleton entering Silent Hill, from Silent Hill: Downpour, the last title developed by Konami.
The last major game in the Silent Hill series was an unfortunate bust (for you and your console)
Credit: Konami

For better or worse, Bloober Team developing a new Silent Hill could at the very least bring some sort of success to the sleeping IP after years without a new title. The last major title in the mainline series was Silent Hill: Downpour, a western developed title that had mixed reviews due to its lackluster gameplay and myriad of technical issues.

You couldn’t play this game without your console dry heaving and as such made the experience much more frustrating than it needed to be. It had good spots like extensive exploration, side objectives that encouraged straying off the beaten path, and some decently creepy areas that kept it from completely being written off.

If Bloober Team are working on a new Silent Hill title, there’s the possibility for a decent title in the works. All they have to do is tighten up the more lackluster aspects of the gameplay of their previous games, get a decent writer, and make it look pretty.

All we can do is hope for something that isn’t Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

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