Tower of Fantasy: How to get the Seaside Vacation outfit

Tower of Fantasy - Summertime Seabreeze - Seaside Vacation

Last Updated on: 23rd August 2022, 07:29 am

If you’ve been checking out your outfits in Tower of Fantasy, you must have noticed a new one called Seaside Vacation. The game tells you that this outfit is obtainable “from events.” However, you’re not sure what event the game is referring to.

While the methods for getting other outfits in Tower of Fantasy are pretty straightforward such as via world progression, the method for this one just isn’t.

We know that customizing your character will never be complete without the right outfit. So, if you’re wondering how you can get this comfy summer-inspired outfit, we’ll tell you what we know so far.

Seaside Vacation outfit will most likely become available soon

Apparently, summertime is coming to Aida, and with the new season comes a new event called Summer Seabreeze. This event begins on August 23, 2022 UTC +0 (12:00AM).

While it hasn’t been confirmed how, the Seaside Vacation outfit will most likely be one of the rewards during this summer event. In fact, an image about the event has already been shared on Reddit and it says: “Log in for a chance to get these rare items!”

Tower of Fantasy Summer Seabreeze Gacha - Seaside Vacation outfit
Credit: Hotta Studio, u/Draakex

These items include what appear to be a new cosmetic, a character icon, an icon border, a chat box border, and of course, the Seaside Vacation outfit.

As for the outfit’s default color, that’s blue for both male and female Wanderers, but like any other outfit, players can change it later depending on their liking.


While these items look exciting, it can also be said based on the image that they can be obtained via some form of gacha. However, the currency for this hasn’t been announced yet.

Will it be an already existing game currency? Or will it be an event-exclusive one? We’ll definitely find out soon!

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, iOS, and Android. The game is also set to arrive on gaming consoles, but no release date has been given yet.