Tower of Fantasy: How can I get all outfits in the game?

Tower of Fantasy - How to change outfits

The newly released Tower of Fantasy offers an impressive character customization feature that allows players to achieve the look they want for their characters. From various outfits to choose from down to the most minor details on the Wanderer‘s face, players get the chance to express themselves and try to stand out.

However, while there are outfits that the Wanderer can choose to wear from the beginning, some are unavailable. To obtain these, you might need to purchase them with Tanium or simply make progress in the game.

If you’re wondering how to obtain all of the outfits in Tower of Fantasy, you’ve come to the right place. We have listed them down here.

Tower of Fantasy outfits and how to obtain them

To get all the outfits in Tower of Fantasy, check out the table below:

Desert AuroraAvailable from the beginning
Last StandAvailable from the beginning
Machine EraAvailable from the beginning
Sunbeam VoyagerAvailable from the beginning
NightwalkAvailable from the beginning
Universal Work ClothesAvailable from the beginning
Operation: StreamerPurchasable for 1280 Tanium
DesperadoPurchasable for 1280 Tanium
The MissionPurchasable for 1280 Tanium
Star SandObtainable as a pre-order milestone reward
WastelandObtainable as a bonus reward in the Collector’s Edition Pass
ConquerorObtainable after reaching 85% exploration in Astra
Wastelands WandererObtainable after reaching 85% exploration in Banges
Scavenger OutfitObtainable after reaching 85% exploration in Crown
RoamerObtainable after reaching 85% exploration in Navia
Visitor in the SnowObtainable after reaching 85% exploration in Warren

All of these outfits are F2P friendly except for the following: Operation: Streamer, Desperado, The Mission, and Wasteland.

Tower of Fantasy - Outfits - Wasteland
Credit: Hotta Studio, TheClick

For Operation: Streamer, Desperado, and The Mission, you will need to purchase them using Tanium, a currency that is only obtainable using real money.


Wasteland is another outfit that can be obtained using real money, as this is only unlockable via the Collector’s Edition Pass.

How to change outfit

To change outfits in Tower of Fantasy, you simply have to do the following:

Tower of Fantasy - Customize Character - Additional Changes
Credit: Hotta Studio, TheClick
  1. Tap the Menu in the upper right corner of the screen or press Escape for PC players.
  2. Choose Backpack.
  3. Tap/Click Outfits located near your character’s left foot.
  4. Select your preferred outfit and click Use.

It is important to note that changing your available outfits will not cost you anything. However, if you want to change your outfit’s color, it will cost you Coupons or Dark Crystals.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, iOS, and Android. The game is also set to arrive on gaming consoles, but no release date has been given yet.