Top 5 Friday Night Funkin Songs

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Friday Night Funkin may currently just be a fun little rhythm game that you can play for free on Newgrounds or your browser, but it’s had a big impact on the Internet in the past few months due in no small part to the absolute bangers the game contains. I’ll be giving my Top 5 Friday Night Funkin Songs based mostly on personal taste, but also considering the mapping of the songs and how fun they feel to play. This list is obviously super subjective, but here’s what I got!

#5: Ugh

Credit: Flippy

As the current most viewed song on the Youtube OST, Ugh takes the number 5 spot for my top Friday Night Funkin songs. While maybe the bottom of the list, this is more of a worst of the greats kind of situation.

Originally uploaded to act as a teaser for Week 7, Ugh held the community in bated breath for over a month with fan mods already trying to plot out the notes. To be fair, some of the mod releases were pretty dang close to the final product!

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Ugh is definitely a great song, but I think a later entry on this list shows off the best Tankman has to offer, and some of the note patterns feel awkward to play in my opinion, but I may just be a scrub who can’t do ladders in rhythm games easily.

#4: M.I.L.F.

Credit: Flippy

Another super popular entry in the Friday Night Funkin soundtrack ends up comparatively low on this list. MILF is definitely a banger; I won’t deny that.

At the same time, the game until recently did have issues with the timing of button presses, and that lag didn’t hurt players nearly as much as on MILF during the breakdown, causing a lot of blue balls in the process. Really though, the song is iconic against other tracks for a reason, and the updated version did make the song a bit more difficult for better or worse.

#3: Roses

Credit: Flippy

I can’t say I’m the most aware of the community rankings or anything for the top Friday Night Funkin songs, but I wouldn’t imagine most would have Week 6 tracks on it. Roses, the second song in the week has a more disheveled Senpai with a deeper, and in my opinion, more pleasing voice.

While I do love the song, I think this one makes it as high as it does due to the mapping of the song on Hard Mode. The way the notes flow is just fun on the fingers for me and later parts really put you to the test as some of the hardest strings of notes in the game.

#2: Blammed

Credit: Reflective Ruby

Alright lads I have to give it to you straight. Blammed is my favorite song in the Friday Night Funkin OST. However, I think the charting holds the song back a bit. Despite the song itself being an absolute banger, and the train in the background adding to the vibe of it all, it isn’t a particularly hard song or demanding on the player.

This doesn’t hurt it too much, as one can see from it still being number 2, but I think the song can be a bit boring to actually play if you aren’t rocking out to Pico’s tunes.

#1: Guns

Credit: Flippy

And for the best Friday Night Funkin song? I have to give it to Tankman’s second hit, Guns. As the longest, and hardest, song in the game, Guns really puts a Friday Night Funker to the test. The song is a mix of an absolute pleasure to listen to and play, and the notes, while rough, don’t feel unfair in what they demand.

I don’t usually give the hardest thing in the game the title as the best, but I really do think Guns has it all. It’s got great difficulty, music, and fun factor to keep fans coming back over and over until we get more content for the game.

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And with that, these are the TRUE and OBJECTIVE top Friday Night Funkin songs that CANNOT be debated even a LITTLE BIT. Don’t try.