The 2023 Team Liquid LCS roster revealed

Team Liquid Support Player CoreJJ

Coming off of what was a disappointing 2022 LCS season, the reveal of the 2023 Team Liquid LCS roster has been revealed. Gone is the “super team” they had put all their eggs into last year. This year, they have a solid philosophy that they have built the team around, one that includes young North American players.

How will this team stack up to the other teams in the league, and how far can they go? Having a good team on paper is one thing, but having a good team on the field is something else altogether. Can their philosophy work, and what is their philosophy in the first place? It’s time to find out who we will see in a Team Liquid jersey on the LCS stage next year.

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The 2023 Team Liquid LCS roster

The following is the confirmed 2023 Team Liquid LCS roster:

  • Top Lane: Summit
  • Jungle: Pyosik
  • Mid Lane: Haeri
  • Bottom Lane: Yeon
  • Support: CoreJJ

First thoughts on the 2023 Team Liquid LCS roster

Team Liquid 2023 LCS roster member, Pyosik
(Credit: Lance Skundrich/Riot Games)

The first thing that anyone can see when looking at the 2023 Team Liquid LCS roster is that everyone can speak Korean on the team. This was the leaked philosophy during the offseason that TL was going to build around, and it turned out to be true.

The two youngest players on the team, Haeri and Yeon have been insanely hyped up coming out of the NA Academy and Amateur scene since last year, and they are finally getting their shot on the main stage. They both have good champion pools, good instincts, and plenty of veterans around them to help them grow during the 2023 season.

The biggest surprise, which wasn’t leaked until a couple of weeks ago, is the defending world champion Pyosik joining the roster. Since the championship-winning roster that DRX had last year has now blown up and gone to different teams, it was assumed that he would join another LCK roster, but instead, he is joining the LCS in 2023.

Lastly, in the top lane is Summit. The last time we saw him in the LCS, he was on Cloud9 and winning the MVP trophy for the 2022 Spring Split. For the 2022 Summer split, he joined FPX in China but didn’t put up the same performance. Now he’s back in North America and playing on the 2023 Team Liquid LCS roster. Can he put up the same numbers, or will we see more of the FPX version of his play?

As for a power ranking of the team, I would say that they are a top three team, maybe even the top two. They have young talent surrounded by veterans that have won on much bigger stages. It all depends on how the team can mesh together and play on stage during the 2023 LCS Spring and Summer Splits.

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For any news about 2023 LCS rosters being revealed, make sure to keep checking in here. If you’d like to watch out for more content about the 2023 Team Liquid roster and any content surrounding the team, you can find it all on their Twitter page here.