2023 Cloud9 LCS Roster Revealed

cloud9 lcs 2022 roster

Last Updated on: 24th November 2022, 11:57 pm

The 2023 Cloud9 LCS roster has been revealed. The defending 2022 LCS Summer Champions have changed up their roster to make a go at defending their title during the 2023 LCS Spring Split. Who have they changed out, and who is going to stay?

Outside of the roster, not much is known about the coaching staff. It is likely that Max Waldo will still be the head coach, the title he held for the team during the 2022 season. The rest of the coaching staff is not fully known at the moment but will likely be revealed soon.

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2023 Cloud9 LCS Roster

The 2023 Cloud9 LCS Roster is as follows:

  • Top lane: Fudge
  • Jungle: Blabber
  • Mid lane: Diplex
  • Bottom lane: Berserker
  • Support: Zven
2022 Cloud9 LCS Roster celebrating after a victory during the LCS Summer Playoffs round 3
(Credit: Chris Bet/Riot Games)

The initial response to this roster is interesting. Zven, the starting support, was rumored to be looking for starting spots as a bottom laner, but could not find any that he liked. It was also rumored that Berserker was gunning for Zven to stay with the team as his lane partner, but none of that has been confirmed.

Fudge and Blabber staying is not a huge surprise. Fudge could be in hot water with the team, however, if he doesn’t use the practice tools he has available. During Worlds, he didn’t use the champions queue while it was still populated; the rest of the players in the tournament used it every day. It was not until the team went winless during the first week that he actually signed up and played games with Worlds players.

The big question mark is Diplex. He’s coming over from Vitality’s academy team, and not much is known about him. Since he’s such a fresh player, he may be wet behind the ears when it comes to playing on-stage. His champion pool isn’t huge either, something that the Cloud9 coaching staff will likely work on with him.

Overall, it’s not a bad roster. I think the 2023 Cloud9 LCS Roster is definitely a top-four roster. Where they fall in the top four is not known yet, since games haven’t been played yet.

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For more updates on the 2023 Cloud9 LCS roster and any other updates from the team, you can find their Twitter here.