Genshin Impact Revenue: How much does the game earn per year?

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Last Updated on: 10th August 2022, 04:35 am

With its vibrant anime-style open-world environment and unique characters, Genshin Impact has captured many’s hearts. It has continued to grow in popularity since it was initially released in 2020.

In fact, statistics show that while the game has lost some players along the way, it has continuously gained more and more per month. And it is expected for these numbers to grow even more as the game will soon release its most significant update this year and celebrate its second anniversary.

Perhaps another reason why Genshin Impact is extremely popular is because of its being downloadable for free and its playability on mobile, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, and Microsoft Windows. The game is even expected to come to the Nintendo Switch!

If you’re new to the game or just curious about it, you must wonder how Genshin Impact earns revenue. Well, that’s through the game’s gacha system, also known as Wish. Don’t worry, though! You can still play the game and get new characters without spending a penny. Like in most games, you can choose to pay or remain free-to-play.

Genshin Impact Lumine and Aether
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Genshin Impact’s Revenue Per Year

Yes, it is possible to play Genshin Impact for free, but the game’s revenue comes from players who purchase in-game items with real money, such as different bundles, the Blessing of the Welkin Moon, and Battle Passes to gain more rewards such as Primogems.

They can also purchase Genesis Crystals which can be converted into Primogems. In turn, these Primogems can be converted into Fates, the gacha currency that can be used to pull for characters and weapons. If you wish to know how the gacha system works and how players can get new characters, you might want to check our guide on how to get new characters here.

With a game as successful as Genshin Impact, it’s no surprise that many players purchase these items. But how much revenue does the game actually make?

Genshin Impact All Characters - Revenue
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According to Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence, it took 171 days for the game to hit its first 1 Billion USD milestone, not including purchases made through third-party Android stores.

That’s 1 Billion USD in approximately 6 months, and as expected, Genshin Impact reached its 2 Billion USD milestone (from the mobile versions alone) within its first year.

Moreover, the sales are going steady as Statista shows that the game had a revenue of 567 Million USD in the first quarter of 2022. The game also topped the statistics site’s list of highest grossing mobile gacha games worldwide.

Although the game is still a month shy of being in the market for two (2) years, it can be said that its average revenue per year is 2 Billion USD.