Genshin Impact: Sumeru release date

Genshin Impact - Sumeru - People

It has been months since we first saw a leak that shows a small part of Sumeru, and since then, we have been asking for more. Right now, it already feels like ages since Yae Miko told us that our next destination is Sumeru, but when exactly can we go there?

We are as excited as you are to finally explore the new region, check out new exploration mechanics, meet new characters, fight new enemies, try out new dishes, and basically experience Sumeru in all its glory.

So, if you just can’t wait to go there soon, we’ll tell you when you possibly can and what you can expect. Take note, however, that HoYoverse has still not officially announced the exact date for the new region’s release. Therefore, take the data in this article with a grain of salt as they are based on leaks and speculations.

When will Sumeru be released?

Sumeru is expected to be accessible by the time that Genshin Impact 3.0 is released. As to what date this will be, that is most likely around August 24th, 2022.

We have come up with this date because HoYoverse usually releases updates every six weeks, and it is unlikely to have a Version 2.9. Since 2.8 was released on July 13th, it only follows that the next update, presumably 3.0, will be on the 24th of the next month.

Genshin Impact - Sumeru - People - Market
Credit: HoYoverse

What can I expect in Sumeru?

The new teaser Prelude to Wisdom shows us a lot of things that we can expect from the new region. Of course, we are already aware that the region treasures knowledge and wisdom. In fact, it is under the God of Wisdom, the Lesser Lord Kusanali, and is home to the famous Sumeru Academia which we have heard about countless times in the game.

The teaser also tells us that most locals in this region are not capable of dreaming and that they take pride in that fact. This is because it’s seen as a “testament to their rationality and wisdom.”

It is, therefore, expected to meet a lot of scholars and researchers in this region. One of them is the upcoming playable character, Tighnari, who is introduced as an “Amurta researcher” and a “Forest Watcher” at the same time.

Genshin Impact - Sumeru - Flora and Fauna
Credit: HoYoverse

Based on how the region’s environs and people are designed, it appears that Sumeru has taken inspiration from the Middle Eastern and South Asian cultures. Here, you can expect to explore scenic and scorching-hot deserts. However, being the nation of the Dendro element, you can also expect to find a lot of flora in Sumeru. The teaser tells us that its forests have just the ideal humidity and soil. This means that different species of flora and fauna thrive in this new region, and we can’t wait to finally see them all.