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Risky and oftentimes frustrating, Genshin Impact players have to cross their fingers when clicking the Wish button. 

The gacha game regularly releases characters and banners, but the players’ chances of getting exactly what they want are slim, especially for non-paying players.

With some players not even getting any characters at all after clicking Wish x10, others can only “wish” that their hard-earned Fates and Primogems would not have the same fate. 

The Wish button is never clicked without hesitation. But with the help of wish simulators, you can now easily squander your imaginary cash to get Genesis Crystals, convert them into Primogems, get those Acquaint and Intertwined Fates, and carelessly click on the Wish button to your heart’s content. 

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Of course, you still won’t be able to actually get the characters or items (that’s illegal!), but the simulators will give you the experience and the chance to know what you might get should you click the actual Wish button in the game.

Also, doesn’t it feel great to sometimes buy stuff in games like you don’t care about breaking the bank? 

With this, I have compiled some of the Genshin Impact Wish Simulators that you should give a try. Note that these are simulators that you can find online, not something that you need to download first. 

Vercel Wish Simulator

First on the list and perhaps the best I have tried so far is the Vercel Wish Simulator.  

With this, you can pay using your UnReal Wallet to get Genesis Crystals. 

With the exact design and background music, it works smoothly on mobile and Windows and will definitely give you an almost authentic Wish experience.

However, this isn’t the case on Mac. For some reason, the complete list of rewards after wishing doesn’t seem to load on the said platform. 

Vercel Wish Simulator Paying with UnReal Wallet

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Uzair Ashraf Wish Simulator

Second on the list is the Uzair Ashraf Wish Simulator.  

Although the simulator doesn’t have the soothing Wish background music we are accustomed to hearing (it’s totally quiet), it does work and looks like the Wish feature in the game. 

Miwoju’s Wish Simulator 

Third on the list is Miwoju’s Wish Simulator

Like the Uzair Ashraf one, this doesn’t have the background music, but you can hear the SFX while navigating the page. 

While that’s a good feature for this simulator, the problem is that, as of writing, the images do not seem to load at all. This is true for all platforms I tried—mobile, Mac, and Windows. This means you won’t be able to see what you’re getting in this wish simulator. 

Well, I “wish” that the devs do something about this. 

Genshin Impact is available for free on PS4, PS5, PC, Android, and iOS, while a Switch version is still in the works. 

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