Genshin Impact Daily Check-in Guide: Get 100+ Primogems for free!

Released with Version 1.6, the Daily Check-in is a web event where you can claim different rewards and free Primogems every month. 

As its name suggests, you only need to log in to claim your rewards. If you’re quite busy, you can just claim them and go on with your day. 

Moreover, as this is a web event, you need to go to the HoYolab website to check-in. 

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Not sure how to do it? Here’s how: 

Daily Check-in Web Event Steps 

  1. Go to HoYolab

On your desktop, go to the website and log in or register by clicking on the profile/avatar icon on the upper right corner of the page.  

On mobile, you can immediately find the profile/avatar icon on the upper portion of the page. 

  1. Log in/register. 

After clicking the profile/avatar icon, click on Log in. Of course, choose Register if you haven’t registered yet. 

On mobile, it will say Not Logged In. Click it. 

Credit: HoYoverse, The Click
  1. Click on Tools and choose Check-in. 

On your desktop, you can find Tools on the left side of the page. 

On mobile, Tools is accessible by clicking the profile/avatar icon

Credit: HoYoverse, The Click
  1. Click on your reward for the day. 

You will be taken to a page with a full list of rewards. Choose your reward for the day. 

Credit: HoYoverse, The Click
  1. Open the game. 

Open the game and check your mail. You can claim the reward/s here. Take note that they expire in 30 days. 

Credit: HoYoverse, The Click

Platform Availability 

This event was initially available for Android, iOs, and Windows

It later became available for PS4 and PS5 players in Version 2.0. 

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Daily Check-in Rewards 

Just by participating in this event, you can get a whopping 100 Primogem Bonus! And you can get more Primogems along the way. 

Below is the complete list of rewards: 

Day Reward 
First Check in Bonus 100 Primogems 
Day 1  Adventurer’s Experience x3 
Day 2 Fine Enhancement Ore x3 
Day 3 Mora x5000 
Day 4 Primogem x20 
Day 5 Sweet Madame x3 
Day 6 Adventurer’s Experience x2 
Day 7 Mora x8000 
Day 8 Adventurer’s Experience x3 
Day 9 Fine Enhancement Ore x3 
Day 10 Mora x5000 
Day 11 Primogem x20 
Day 12 Fried Radish Balls x2 
Day 13 Adventurer’s Experience x3 
Day 14 Mora x8000 
Day 15 Adventurer’s Experience x5 
Day 16 Fine Enhancement Ore x5 
Day 17 Mora x5000 
Day 18 Primogem x20 
Day 19 Fisherman’s Toast x3 
Day 20 Adventurer’s Experience x3 
Day 21 Mora x8000 
Day 22 Adventurer’s Experience x5 
Day 23 Fine Enhancement Ore x5 
Day 24 Mora x5000 
Day 25 Hero’s Wit x3 
Day 26 Almond Tofu x3 
Day 27 Adventurer’s Experience x3 
Day 28 Hero’s Wit x3 
Day 29 Mora x5000 
Day 30 Mora x5000 
Day 31 Mora x5000 

Missing a Daily Check-in 

What happens if you miss checking in for a day? Will the progress reset? 

The daily check-in progress in a month will not reset if you miss a day or days. Instead, it will record only the total number of days you checked in. 

This means that if you check-in for 15 days in a month, you only get the rewards from Day 1 to Day 15 in the rewards list. 

Reward Refresh Frequency

Note that the progress and rewards reset on the first day of every month. 

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