Genshin Impact: List of Mondstadt’s regional specialties and where to find them

Mondstadt Regional Specialties

Regional Specialties, also known as Local Specialties, are materials that are primarily found in a particular region in Teyvat

In this article, we have made a list of Regional Specialties in Mondstadt, including their locations. 

Calla Lily

Location/s: near lakes, especially in Springvale

Description: A flower that grows near water sources. When cooked, the petals have a chunky texture, yet are sweet and a little bitter.


Location/s: Sold by NPC Flora in the City of Mondstadt, in the wild at Starsnatch Cliff.

Description: A beautiful flower with a name that suits its appearance. It only grows where harsh winds blow and is just as intangible as the true heart of an unbound soul.

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Dandelion Seed

Location/s: Found in the wild, especially just outside the front gate of the City of Mondstadt

Description: A tiny seed that rides on the wind. Even without its feathered wings, it still holds hope from afar within.

Philanemo Mushroom

Location/s: Found under the eaves of houses in the City of MondstadtSpringvale, and Dawn Winery

Description: A fungus that grows in the warm caress of the wind. It is as everlasting as the wind, nourishing life.

Small Lamp Grass

Location/s: Found in the wild, especially Whispering Woods 

Description: A wild grass that emits light at night. Used in cooking to enhance other flavors.


Location/s: Found in the wild, especially around Stormbearer Mountains and Stormbearer Point 

Description: A plump and translucent berry that has a fragrant smell and a sweet, refreshing taste. In the past, the storm watchers’ only solace was the sweetness of this fruit and hope for the city’s peace.

Windwheel Aster 

Location/s: Sold by NPC Flora in the City of Mondstadt, found near the Statue of The Seven at Windrise and Dawn Winery, found around Stormterror’s Lair 

Description: A plant that adores the wind. To the proud children of the wind, or the citizens of Mondstadt, the Windwheel Asters are “the visible winds.”


Location/s: Found in Wolvendom

Description: A berry with thorns that often gets attached to a wolf’s pelt. When you look at it, you can almost hear the echoing cries of the wolves in the woods.

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Tip on Farming Regional Specialties

You can bring Klee with you as her Passive Talent All Of My Treasures! lets you see Mondstadt’s Regional Specialty locations on the mini-map.

“Displays the location of nearby resources unique to Mondstadt on the mini-map.

Klee’s Passive Talent All Of My Treasures!
Credit: HoYoverse