Genshin Impact 3.1: When the Music Sounds, Fecund Blessings day one guide

completed fecund blessings screen

Mondstadt’s Weinlesefest has arrived in Genshin Impact 3.1, and with it comes various challenges, including the Fecund Blessings event.

In Fecund Blessings, Travelers are given a set hints on a noticeboard within the Weinlesefest area outside of Springvale, these hints each lead to a single treasure chest containing some of the ever useful currency Mora, as well as various other odd pieces such as Festival stand decorations and upgrade materials.

Finding each of the Fecund blessings chests in the When the Music Sounds challenge can take a while on your own, so you can always use this Genshin Impact guide to speed things along if you’re stuck on day one of the three total days to the Fecund blessings event.

When the Music Sounds, Fecund Blessings day one Genshin Impact guide

Happy Weinlesefest! I’ve placed the gift near the stage at the Wine Market. I hope that this gift will make the day of the person who finds it.

Hint 1

The first clue of this Weinlesefest activity has a distinctly cheery tone to it, and pretty much tells you the answer straight up. The first present of the Fecund Blessings event is located behind the stage in the wine market area outside of Springvale. Simply approach the stage for it to be automatically highlighted.

This is the first gift of three placed by a playable character, and the tone of the note will probably give it away even before you see the face attached to it.

location of the first fecund blessing chest
Credit: HoYoVerse,

I have left my honest well-wishes beside the spring fairy.

Hint 2

The second Fecund Blessing hint is similarly to the point, though you may have forgotten precisely what is referred to as a Spring Fairy locally. A short distance behind the market and up the road from the teleport beacon is a small pond area with a Seelie pillar in the middle. This blessing is located here. If you’re unsure where to go, simply find Draff, and it should be highlighted for you.

location of the second fecund blessing chest in genshin impact
Credit: HoYoVerse,

The gift is near the house at the southernmost tip of Springvale.

Hint 3

Yet another similarly direct tip. Apparently Mondstadters just love being helpful today, which isn’t something we should complain about at all. This Fecund Blessing is located next to the most southern visible house on the map in the Springfield area, which I’ve included in the map image here.

I placed my gift behind a shop in Mondstadt City. The cats here are quite cute, and the cocktail made by that angry bartender is pretty good — not a match for our Snezhnayan Fire-Water, but still!

Hint 4

No prizes for guessing the country of origin of this contributor given that alcohol mention is a dead giveaway, but sadly it’s not from our long-term friend Viktor as he’s moved to Sumeru (dependant on your Story progress) as of patch 3.0. This blessing chest is located behind the Cat’s tail in Mondstadt city proper.

Just walk around near the adventurers guild and you’ll probably get a highlight for it quite quickly.

Thank Lord Barbatos for granting Mondstadt this lovely harvest. I have placed my gift at his feet.

Hint 5

Another exceedingly literal hint, this blessing reward chest can be found at the foot of the giant statue in Mondstadt.

The gift has been placed at the rear gate of Angel’s Share.

Hint 6

No surprises here either, as long as you know where Angel’s Share is, you’ll find this one pretty easy. Reference the map below to find this gift chest from the When the Music Sounds chapter of the blessings event, but if you remember much of Mondstadt locating Diluc’s fine establishment will probably be an easy task even without help.

Just head east from the reputation tasks vendor if you can’t quite find it, and it should appear as a highlight pretty quickly.

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Mondstadt has a place with a truly excellent view. Have you been there? I’ll give you another hint. It’s very, very, very high up! Take care when you head up there!

Hint 7

This is probably the only one of these most regular players will be struggling with, as Mondstadt has a significant number of ‘very high up’ locations, such as the various windmills, towers and roof tops. The highest of all though, is the church.

There’s probably a good chance that it isn’t the first thing to come to mind though, as it’s somewhat awkward to climb it depending on which angle you come at it from, and it’s pressed right at the very edge of the treasure area as it appears on the map. Regardless, the seventh fecund blessing chest is tucked away up on the roof of the church.

This is one of three of these gifts placed by a playable character, and you won’t be remotely surprised when you see who put this one up here.

I have placed the gift at training grounds near the Knights of Favonius Headquarters. When you go and get it, please try to be quiet so as to avoid disturbing those training there. Thank you for your consideration.

Hint 8

The last of three gifts in day one of the Fecund Blessings event in Genshin Impact was placed by a playable character. Much like the other two, you can probably guess from the note who placed this one before you open the gift and see the follow-up note for yourself.

You can find it quite easily by visiting the knight-in-training Ellin located pretty much directly below the teleport beacon in upper Mondstadt. You might have even seen this one earlier as you went past to grab the 5th chest of the event due to the limited selection of teleport beacons in Mondstadt.

That’s it for day one of this part of the Weinlesefest event in Mondstadt, but make sure to keep an eye out for guides for parts two and three, there’s more to come in this festival of plenty.

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