League Of Legends 2022 MSI Groups Announced

2022 MSI Splash Art

The 2022 MSI, or the Mid Seasonal Invitational, had the groups announced for the upcoming international tournament on Sunday, April 24th. There are three groups, with two of them containing four teams, and one group of three due to a ban on Russian teams.

The format of MSI follows the same one as Worlds does, with a group stage where each team in each group plays in a round-robin, followed by a single knock-out stage called the “Rumble”, leading to the finals where the finals two teams face off.

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The winner of the first international League of Legends tournament wins a cash prize, last year’s winner’s RNG won a prize of $75,000, as well as having two teams present from their region at Worlds later in the year.

Who is in what group for MSI 2022?

2022 MSI Groups
The Groups For 2022 MSI.

The groups for MSI 2022 are as follows:

Group A:

  • T1 from Korea
  • Saigon Buffalo from Vietnam
  • Aze from Latin America
  • Detonation Focus Me from Japan

Group B

  • Royal Never Give Up from China
  • PSG Talon from the Pacific Championship Series
  • Istanbul Wildcats from Turkey
  • Red Canids from Brazil

Group C

  • G2 Esports from Europe
  • Evil Geniuses from North America
  • Order from Australia

When and Where does The 2022 MSI Take Place?

MSI 2022, it’s going to take place in Busan, South Korea. This is the first time that South Korea has had an international event since Worlds in 2018.

A lot of the best League of Legends players and teams come from the region, as well as having one of the biggest player bases, only behind China, it makes sense to have the tournament in the same place that Faker, the best player ever, is from.

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The tournament will start with the group stage from May 10th to the 15th, with the rumble stage will happen from May 20th to the 24th, followed by the finals.

For any updates about the 2022 MSI, make sure to read here and lolesports.com for all the latest.

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