2022 LOL LCS Spring Split Power Rankings

Evil Geniuses As a Team On Stage

The 2022 LCS Spring Split starts this Saturday, and after almost every team played their starting rosters in the Lock In Tournament, it’s time to rank them in order from best to worst. This is the start of the season though, so there is a possibility that some teams will over perform over the length of the split and some will underperform, which just adds to the excitement.

2022 Spring Split Top Three

  1. Team Liquid
  2. Evil Geniuses
  3. 100 Thieves

Though 100 Thieves did lose to Dignitas in a surprising way, they still do belong in the top three of the split. Their bottom lane of FBI and Huhi is one of the best in the league, Closer is still playing his carry style from the jungle and Ssumday is a rock in the top lane. The only question marks around this team are for Abbedagge in mid lane, seeing if he can bounce back from his poor performance in the Lock In Tournament, and to see how their new substitute top laner Tenacity does.

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Looking To Break Things Up

  1. Cloud9
  2. Dignitas
  3. TSM

Though we haven’t seen either TSM or Cloud9’s starting rosters, there is the possibility for them to interrupt the top three, along with Dignitas. All three have rosters that show some promise as the split progresses, and if they do live up to their potential, the level of play of the first three teams needs to elevate to prevent them from falling out of the top three.

Evil Geniuses As a Team On Stage
Credit: Riot Games

2022 Spring Split: Up And Coming

  1. Counter Logic Gaming
  2. Golden Guardians
  3. FlyQuest

Though it may come as a surprise to see CLG ranked higher than the likes of Golden Guardians, with players like Licorice and AblazeOlive on the roster, and FlyQuest, with the well known support player Aphromoo, they still have a lot of promise. The bottom lane for CLG of Luger and Poome stood out in the Lock In Tournament as being possibly the best in the league, and the jungler Contractz has always had his moments of greatness. If this team can bring it all together and grow together, there is the possibility to move into the top six teams in the league.

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Last Place

  1. Immortals

Though they brought in two players in PowerOfEvil and WildTurtle, Immortals did not play well at all in the Lock In Tournament. With poor play in almost all roles across the team, it would take a lot for this team to not finish last place at the end of the year. If they can get everything together, they could move up one or two spots, but not much. The other teams would have to falter a lot for this team to move up in the standings.

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