2022 LCS Lock In Tournament Finals Recap

Team Liquid Jungler Santorin

The 2022 LCS Lock In Tournament is almost done. The last series between Team Liquid, who have their big-name pickups all over their roster, and Evil Geniuses, who haven’t lost a single game in the whole tournament, go head to head to see who will become the second-ever LCS Lock In Tournament Champion. Will Team Liquid defend their crown, or will the young players on EG steal it from them? Below is a recap of the best of five series.

2022 Lock In Finals

  • Team Liquid > Evil Geniuses
  • Evil Geniuses < Team Liquid
  • Team Liquid > Evil Geniuses

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Team Liquid’s Purchases Pay Off

Though it is early in the 2022 LCS schedule, it seems like the big purchases that Team Liquid made in the off-season have already began to pay off. With them taking in Bjergsen from TSM, Bwipo from FNATIC, and Hans Sama from Rogue, these players could not have been cheap to pick up, and would have a lot of expectations put on them.

Despite those expectations, it seems like the players are living up to them. In-game one of the series, Bjergsen had an amazing game on Sylas, carrying team fights, stealing the right ultimate at the right time, or following up with his jungler. Hans Sama in this series also lived up to expectations. His play in the bottom lane in all three games was exceptional and was a step above the bottom lane of Evil Geniuses.

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Now that the Lock In Tournament is done, what’s next on the schedule for the 2022 LCS season? Since the 2022 LCS Lock In Tournament is finished, the regular Spring Split is up next, starting on February fifth. It will run until April twenty-fourth, finishing with the Spring Split Playoffs, where the winner will be sent to MSI. As soon as the schedule is released, you can find out all about it here.

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