MHA Chapter 340 spoilers: full story summary and panels

mha 340 pussycat

After a relatively breather chapter detailing some surprising depth to Mei Hatsume and the support division of UA, we enter MHA 340 with the tension and stakes brought right back to the forefront. Once again, thanks to our resident leakers like Atsu and Rukasu, I have all the story details of the new chapter right away and a number of panels featured. Spoiler warning as always for everything about the new My Hero Academia chapter.

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Getting right into the MHA 340 contents, the chapter opens with a mission briefing, Aizawa and All Might clarifying that the number of people involved with the plan against All for One and Shigaraki has been kept to a strict minimum due to Aoyama’s activities as the traitor. All Might then starts on some of the important points proper.

mha 340 pussycat
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

The most important point of their plan is to keep Shigaraki and All for One away from one another by at least 10 kilometers, as their shared consciousness, if close, would make victory for the heroes impossible. When separated, he hypothesizes the two would be surmountable. The leader pilot from the Star and Stripe operation, one of the few attendees alongside Ragdoll from the Pussycats, questions why All for One would risk Shigaraki losing in their last mission. All Might quickly clarifies that New Order would be unbeatable without the confusion regarding their identities.

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Tsukachi, All Might’s long-time friend, assures the group that All for One is well aware of this weakness, and will use villains such as Dabi to make it impossible to split them. As such, the heroes will have to have the force and manpower to handle many powerful villains at once spread in many locations.

The key to their plan is Aoyama who would have the most connection to All for One, and who has been determined by the medical staff to not have any signs of tampering during interactions with All for One. They deduce he and his family were ruled only by fear, and as such, he must fight despite his many fears.

mha 340 aizawa and aoyama
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

Aiwaza confronts Aoyama to face his fears as the young man clarifies that, even with all the trust that had been placed in him by his classmates, he fears betraying them again out of fear and self-preservation. With a wave of cold, hard reality, Aizawa tells Aoyama that the boy will not be able to forever erase his crimes and that he likely will be expelled from UA, but that he has to fight nonetheless, as it is the only thing he can do. Slightly more assured, Aoyama wonders if one criminal like him could really make that much of a difference, his classmates tell him that the time has come for them to act with Shinsou seen in the background. End of chapter.

mha 340 shinsou
Credit: Kohei Horikoshi

And that’s everything MHA 340 brought us! A briefing like this was definitely needed to outline the assumedly final arc and certainly hyped me up to see all these individual villain hero battle matchups in the background while Deku assuredly fights Shigaraki.

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