Hero Academia Beyond: A fan-made venture into the open world of MHA

hero academia beyond

My Hero Academia has yet to receive an officially developed open world game set in the popular anime’s world, so a group of fans have taken it upon themselves to develop one of their own called “Hero Academia Beyond.”

What is Hero Academia Beyond?

What is Hero Academia Beyond? Well, it’s a non-profit fan made RPG that is developed entirely by the MHA community. That’s right, it’s entirely community made with the developers even allowing players to submit their own auditions to voice their favorite characters.

So, what’s the goal of the game? Well, according to the game’s official website,

“The aim for the game is open world action and adventure, which focuses mostly on an original plot line centered around canon characters AND game-original characters not introduced in the canon anime. This is similar to how an anime movie works: typically adding new unique characters and stories to an existing universe without breaking canon events. We plan to allow multiple outcomes at the end of the game based on player decisions throughout the game (sort of like the Fallout series). And we plan to have open world gameplay work similar to the PS4 hit, “Marvel’s Spider-Man.” That kind of game takes a lot of work, so our short term goal is a mini-game demo.”

Hero Academia Beyond

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Does Hero Academia Beyond have Multiplayer?

One of the biggest questions that fans of the game will have is “does it have multiplayer?” Well, yes, but it’s not exactly what you’d think right now.

“We plan to implement a multiplayer mode in which players can create their own custom heroes and free roam the city doing good or evil acts to change their reputation as a hero or villain. We plan to spawn events where players can face off on a team of heroes against a team of villains (both player characters and NPC’s) for big reputation boosts. Players will have special rewards for gaining a spot amongst the ranks of the top heroes or most wanted villains. Of course, this high reputation as a hero or villain also comes with the drawback that players will become bigger targets for their enemies, so tread carefully!”

Credit: Hero Academia Beyond

So, the ultimate goal for Hero Academia Beyond is to have a dedicated multiplayer mode, but it’s not currently available.

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The developers also say that due to a lack of budget and resources, if you want to play multiplayer you’ll have to host your own multiplayer game sessions on your own computers.

What’s it Like?

Hero Academia Beyond is certainly an unfinished product, and it definitely has a lot of development to undergo, but I do think that there is room to grow the game into a fantastic open world MHA RPG.

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I’ll probably come back to this game when it’s a bit further into the development cycle to see how much the developers have fleshed it out, because there is definitely a ton of potential with Hero Academia Beyond.

If you’d like to check out more about the game, you can do so at the game’s official website here!

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