Season 10 Pokemon Go Willows Wardrobe Event – A complete Guide featuring the Mighty Melmetal

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Pokemon Go Willows Wardrobe Event

With Season 10 now in play, the first Timed Event Paid for Research has been announced – The Pokemon Go Willows Wardrobe Event.

On top of that, trainers are in for a treat as they will also be able to encounter Melmetal as part of the rewards too!

Let’s take a look below at the details for the Pokemon GO Willows Wardrobe event, and how to encounter Melmetal!

Pokemon Go Willows Wardrobe Event – The details

Pokemon Go Season 10 rising heroes
Credit: Niantic

Available until 1st June 2023, giving players 3 months to complete the event, trainers can purchase a ticket for the Pokemon Go WIllows Wardrobe Event.

However, this event isn’t free and will cost you $4.99 or equivalent.

Unlike most events that give items as rewards, this one is a little different, as it gives trainers the opportunity to give their character a whole new look, and we think it’s pretty cool!

As well as that, upon completion of the Research, trainers will encounter the Mighty Melmetal, who will know the Charged Attack Double Iron Bash!

The Research

Credit: Niantic

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The following tasks will need to be completed to unlock the new style:

Catch 10 PokemonProfessor Willow Goggles
Catch 20 PokemonProfessor Willow Gloves
Catch 30 PokemonProfessor Willow Trousers
Catch 40 PokemonProfessor Willow Jacket
Catch 50 PokemonProfessor Willow Boots

But not only that.

For transferring 30 Pokemon, trainers will also then encounter Melmetal, and earn 809XP and 809 Star Dust.

Pokemon Go Willows wardrobe event reward melmetal
Credit: The Pokemon Company

A very easy series of tasks to complete to be able to earn not only a wardrobe of clothing but Melmetal too!

Pokemon Go is available to download now on Apple and Android Mobile devices