Pokemon Go Season 10 Catch Mystery Event – A Complete Guide

Pokemon Go Catch Mystery Event

Last Updated on: 1st March 2023, 10:25 am

It’s finally here! Season 10 Rising Heroes has arrived, and with it comes the announcement of its first event – the Catch Mystery Event.

Featuring our fighting favorites, Hitmontop, Hitmonlee, and Hitmonchan, trainers will have access to a short research to complete, for those all-important rewards.

Let’s take a look below at the details of the Catch Mystery Event as we kick off Season 10.

Catch Mystery Event – The Details and Bonus Summary

Pokemon Go Season 10 rising heroes
Credit: Niantic

Beginning Sunday, March 5, at 10:00 AM Local Time, and ending Sunday, March 5, at 8:00 PM Local Time, trainers will have just 10 hours to complete the Event.

During the event, there will be an increased chance of encountering Shiny Hitmonlee, Shiny Hitmonchan, and Shiny Hitmontop, as well as 2 x XP for successfully catching Pokemon with Nice Throws, Great Throws, Excellent Throws, and Curveball Throws.

Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan will be available frequently in the wild, with the possibility of a Shiny encounter too!

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Field Research Tasks

The Field Research Tasks for the Catch Mystery Event will be focused on your throwing accuracy, so be prepared to put your best skills to the test!

Timed Research

catch mystery event pokemon go
Credit: Niantic

Timed Research focused on your Pokeball throwing accuracy will be available throughout the event alongside the Field Research Tasks.

If all 10 sets of research tasks are completed, you will have the opportunity to encounter a total of 40 Hitmontop.

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Shiny Pokemon

For the 10-hour duration of the Catch Mystery Event, the following Pokemon will be featured more frequently as Shiny Pokemon:

  • Tyrogue
  • Hitmonlee
  • Hitmonchan
  • Hitmontop

Plus, contained within 7km Eggs, will be the chance to hatch a Shiny Tyrogue too!

That certainly is a lot to keep trainers entertained for 10 hours!

Pokemon Go is available to download now on Apple and Android Mobile devices