Pokemon Go: September Research Breakthrough, Shiny Ditto encounters

Pokemon Go September Research Breakthrough featuring Ditto

Last Updated on: 1st September 2021, 09:42 pm

Pokemon Go’s Research Breakthrough for September has been revealed, you’ll find the Pokemon Ditto, with the elusive shiny version of Ditto is available too.

When does the Pokemon Go Research Breakthrough update for September?

The Research breakthrough in Pokemon Go will update on the 1st of September at 9:00 PM (GMT+1) and will stay the same until October 1st at the same time. – If you’re reading this, this Research breakthrough is either live right now or has already finished.

As you might expect, this is pretty standard fare for the duration, given the research breakthrough change is a monthly occurrence.

Pokemon Go September Research Breakthrough

For those not familiar with Research breakthroughs, when you do a research task for the first time each day, you earn a research “stamp”, each of these adds towards a total for that month.

For every 7 of these you gather, you activate the research breakthrough for the current month.

Among other things, this means that you encounter the Pokemon featured as the research breakthrough shortly after you gain the 7th stamp – that means a Ditto, in this case. The process then resets, allowing you to potentially repeat it multiple times a month, provided you can clear enough research on different days in that space of time.

For September 2021, the Pokemon Go Research Breakthrough will be Ditto, the Pokemon shown here.

Ditto's Pokemon Go Pokedex Entry
The Pokemon Go Ditto Pokedex Entry
Credit: pokemongo.fandom

Typically, research breakthroughs such as this come with an additional bonus or two – August had two separate EXP bonuses for example.

In this case, the bonus seems to be the featuring of the Shiny version of Ditto, a rare alternative appearance of the very popular Gen 1 Pokemon, that many trainers want for themselves. Shiny Ditto is shown alongside regular Ditto here – it’s a simple design, but it works quite well.

Ditto alongside shiny ditto
Ditto and shiny Ditto, Credit: The Pokemon Company

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Is there anything else to know?

That’s really about everything you could possibly need to know about the upcoming Research breakthrough change for September in Pokemon Go. Best of luck finding those Shiny Ditto Trainers!

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