Pokemon Go Season of Light 2022 start date announced

Season of Light Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go Season of Go is coming to an end after 3 fun-filled months, with trainers now ready to embark upon the next adventure, the Pokemon Go Season of Light.

The Season of Go has seen many exciting events taking place over the Summer months including the Pokemon Go Fest, the Pokemon World Championships, and the Bug Out event. But as we approach the Autumn months, Pokemon go is set to shake things up for trainers.

Let’s take a look below at the information we have so far.

Pokemon Go Season of Light – What do we know so far?

Season of Light Pokemon go
Credit: Niantic

Well, the truth is, not a great deal.

Pokemon Go has been teasing trainers with a brief snippet in-game about the Season of Light, telling them to watch out for Professor Willow.

Niantic has confirmed that The Season of Light is due to begin on Thursday, September 1, 2022, lasting until December when the Winter Season will begin.

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The featured image with the teaser includes no Pokemon, leaving trainers in suspense about the new season.

Season of Light Pokemon Go Stars
Credit: Niantic

Pokemon Go took to Twitter with a tweet reading ‘Don’t be sad about the end of Season of Go – because next season is going to light up your world’

They then proceeded to follow the post with a series of 9 images, each displaying a constellation-type image and a date, that could be depicting what trainers have in store…

Season of Light Pokemon Go
Credit: Niantic

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The official (albeit very brief) trailer, suggests the cosmic-themed season will potentially focus around Pokemon Sun and Moon, with a lunar eclipse and a potential Pokemon appearing as a constellation:

We know trainers will be just as excited as we are to embark upon this latest Pokemon Go adventure! Be sure to stay tuned here at The Click for all the information as it becomes available.

Pokemon Go is available to play on Apple and Android Mobile Devices

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