Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incense has arrived

Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incense

As July 2022 comes to a close in what has been a busy month for trainers, Niantic has given trainers in Pokemon Go one last set of challenges, as part of the launch of the Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incense.

This new feature is currently being rolled out worldwide, with Pokemon Go trainers welcoming this latest addition to the game. The introduction of Remote Raid Passes was such a big success for trainers who are unable to freely access Gyms, and the Daily adventure Incense is a great addition, especially to those trainers in more Rural communities.

Let’s take a look before at everything we know about the new Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incense.

What do we know about the Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incense so far?

Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incesne
Credit: Niantic

Daily Adventure Incense attracts Pokemon to trainers, that are otherwise hard to locate in the wild.

Active for a duration of 15 minutes, and as the name suggests, can only be used once per day, the incense item will attract Pokemon to your location, so long as you are moving.

Unlike the Incense items previously available, the Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incense has a very special feature – it will attract Legendary Pokemon, with reports so far stating that Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno are all available!

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Another feature of the Incense is that if trainers activate an incense, with fewer than 30 PokeBalls available, the incense automatically rewards trainers with an additional 30 PokeBalls, taking away the immediate need to access a Gym or PokeStop to try and collect balls.

The new Daily Adventure Incense also brings with it a Recap feature, displaying to trainers all of the Pokemon caught during the 15-minute active duration, as well as the distance walked.

Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incense Recap Feature
Credit: Niantic

A Mysterious Incense

Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incense
Credit: Niantic

To begin using the Daily Adventure Incense, trainers must first enter the game and complete Rhi’s Introductory Special Research – A Mysterious Incense Part 1

To complete the Research, trainers are first given access to 1 daily incense.

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They must then use this to Collect 10 Pokemon that are attracted by the Adventure Incense, within 15 minutes of activation. These Pokemon can be easily identified as having a blue ring around them, instead of the usual white. Trainers must then also walk 1km.

Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incense
Credit: Niantic

Upon completion, trainers are then taken to the 2nd part of the 2 part research to complete the following tasks:

  • Use 6 Daily Adventure Incense
  • Use Daily Adventure Incense to help catch 100 Pokemon
  • Walk 10km

It is worth noting that trainers can only store one of the Daily Adventure Incenseat any given time, so it is worth using every day for the maximum benefit of increased spawn rate and XP available.