Pokemon GO Research Breakthrough August 2022: Galarian Stunfisk

Research Breakthrough August 2022

The details of the Research breakthrough August 2022 for Pokemon Go for are now here; and this month, we can expect to be visited by Galarian Stunfisk.

Research Breakthrough August 2022 begins at 9:00 PM GMT, the research breakthrough event will update to this August version. Prior to this time, we’ll technically still be in the previous month for research breakthrough Wh, so be careful before you claim any research rewards unless you’re trying to get the rewards for the month prior.

The event will run for a month as you’d expect and will end on September 1st at 9:00 PM GMT when it is replaced again.

Who will feature in the Research Breakthrough August 2022?

Research Breakthrough August 2022
Credit: Niantic

For the duration of the month, any complete research breakthroughs will reward you with an encounter with Galarian Stunfisk.

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Galarian Stunfisk can also be caught as a Shiny Pokemon. You’ll know that you’ve encountered a Shiny Galarian Stunfisk when you see the color changes, producing stars at the beginning of the encounter, and the shiny star icon will appear.

How do I get a research breakthrough in Pokemon Go?

Research Breakthrough August 2022
Credit: Niantic

A Research breakthrough is a name given to what happens when you complete a set of 7 stamps earned through research tasks. You can earn one such stamp a day, and completing a single research task on that day will earn you the stamp.

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When you reach 7 total stamps, you will have the breakthrough event occur. This will usually then take priority over other research rewards and begin an encounter with the featured breakthrough Pokemon for the month; in August that’ll mean Galarian Stunfisk.

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