Pokemon Go: Magnemite Spotlight Hour August 2021

Magnemite in the Pokemon anime

Starting up the Pokemon Go Spotlight hours for the month of August is Magnemite, the Magnet Pokemon. Look out for the doubled stardust!

If you already have enough Magnemite for your collection or are simply otherwise not interested in the Magnet Pokemon, you can still make good use of this spotlight hour in Pokemon Go regardless, as it’ll also be a doubled stardust hour.

When is the Pokemon Go Magnemite spotlight hour?

The Magnemite spotlight hour for Pokemon Go will start on August 3rd at 6:00 PM local time, and will run as you might expect until 7:00 PM local time, for a duration of one hour.

Standard fare for Spotlight hours, nothing else to say there.

Local time, for anyone unfamiliar, means that you don’t need to worry about timezones because the game event will take place at that time in every timezone, so it’s a staggered event launch across the world.

Magnemite in Pokemon Generations
Credit: Bulbapedia

What can we expect from the Magnemite spotlight hour?

For anyone who isn’t used to this particular Pokemon Go event type, Spotlight hours are basically a one-hour long event consisting of all spawns being replaced by a single Pokemon, in this case, that means Magnemite and an additional bonus.

That’s great if you like Magnemite, but not so much if you’re not a fan of the Magnet Pokemon.

Usually the spotlight hours will try to offset the events for people who don’t like the spotlighted Pokemon by adding a nice bonus, and in this case they have provided. Doubled Stardust will be in effect for the hour of the event, making this a great chance to get yourself a quick funding boost.

Magneton splits into three Magnemite in the Pokemon anime
Magnemite can be surprisingly agile
Credit: Bulbapedia

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Anything else to know?

If you’re still not sold, there is one last thing to consider in favour of Spotlight hours. They make excellent chances in Pokemon Go to farm for the Shiny version of the featured Pokemon, in this case Magnemite.

Fortunately for any Shiny hunters reading this, Shiny Magnemite is enabled in Pokemon Go right now, so it should be available if you get lucky during the Spotlight hour.

Pokemon Go Magnemite shiny
A shiny Magnemite in Pokemon Go
Credit: Pokemon Go Fandom Wiki

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