Pokemon Go: How to defeat Giratina, weakness and counters

Giratina origin forme in the pokemon anime

Last Updated on: 29th September 2021, 05:26 pm

Giratina is a Gen IV Ghost/Dragon dual-type Mythical Pokemon, but do you know the counters and weakness of the renegade Pokemon?

Giratina is pretty powerful and has a lot of favourable matchups due to its powerful typing, though it does come with a fair few counters, fortunately for us.

What counters Giratina in Pokemon Go?

If you’re familiar with the Pokemon series, you’ll know by now that certain types have either (or both) of a damage advantage or incoming damage reduction in certain matchups, known as super effective and not very effective respectively. Giratina is a Ghost/Dragon dual-type Pokemon, which gives it plenty of strengths though it doesn’t escape having a weakness or two as well.

Due to this typing, Giratina has favourable matchups against 8 separate types, including both Fighting and Normal-types, who’ll deal massively reduced damage to it. With that in mind, Giratina also has a fair few counter matchups, with a weakness against Dark, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost and Ice types in Pokemon Go.

None of these stand out above the others in terms of damage dealt particularly, so we’ll have to go into deeper detail.

Giratina altered forme in the Pokemon anime
Credit: The Pokemon Company, Bulbapedia

We’ll of course take a look through Giratinas moveset to try to determine which of these ends up being the best choice, but it’s a bit of a complex one for a few reasons. For one, Giratina does already have a lot of type-interactions to go through in Pokemon Go, due to its rare type – and for another its different formes actually grant it two different movesets, though the difference between them isn’t absolutely huge.

Altered Forme Giratina will use 2 Dragon-type moves, 2 Ghost-types moves, and Ancient Power, a Rock-type move. Origin Forme Giratina will swap out the Rock-type attack for another Ghost-type move, and uses different Dragon-type moves, swapping Dragon Breath for Dragon Tail and Dragon Claw for Dragon Pulse.

With this in mind, we mostly have to plan for Dragon and Ghost-type attacks, at which point we’ve countered the majority of Giratinas attacks.

Your best bet here is likely to be Fairy-type Pokemon, as they’ll be entirely immune to the Dragon-type attacks Giratina will use, making them a good counter immediately, Dark-types take second place in Pokemon Go with their resistance to Ghost-type attacks coming in particularly useful against the Origin Forme variant of Giratina. Ice will perform well, but has no particular interactions of note.

And lastly, Dragon and Ghost-types are both weak to their own attacks, making them bad options against Giratina if avoidable.

Giratina origin forme in the pokemon anime
Credit: The Pokemon Company, Bulbapedia

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Giratina Pokemon Type weakness

In short, stick to Fairy or Dark-types against Giratina to have the best chance. If you can’t manage those, Ice takes third place while Dragon and Ghost otherwise end up tied in last – though if none of these are viable options, just make sure to avoid Fighting and Normal-types, as they’ll deal massively reduced damage.

Anything else to mention?

That’s really it for the weakness and counters of Giratina in Pokemon Go. In short, stick to Fairy or Dark-types against Giratina for the best odds of victory, Ice-types can be a good backup plan though they simply don’t excel as much as those.

Dragon and Ghost-types should be avoided in favour of the others if possible.

With our answer found, that’s everything for this quick Giratina counters guide for Pokemon Go, hopefully you found this useful whether you use the information about its weakness for battles, raids or even PvP – If you’d like more stories, articles and guides for Pokemon Go, you can find them right here on The Click, and if you’d instead like to see more by me specifically, a list of my articles is available here.