Pokemon Go: Does Shiny rate change during Spotlight Hours?

Shiny dragonair in the Pokemon anime

Last Updated on: 31st July 2021, 09:51 am

Spotlight hours offer a good chance to catch a lot of a specific Pokemon, but does the rate of Shiny spawns during Spotlight hours increase?

A lot of players encounter Shiny Pokemon during Spotlight hours, but is this merely a coincidence or does a Spotlight hour buff the chance of finding a Shiny Pokemon?

Shiny Pokemon rate in Spotlight Hours

As it turns out, the Shiny rate during Spotlight hours in Pokemon Go isn’t actually increased at all. It can feel like it is however, but this is because you’ll encounter a lot of the same Pokemon in succession, making these events good ways to find Shiny Pokemon.

This idea may also stem from Community days, such as the upcoming Eevee Community day in August, which do, just like Spotlight hours replace all the Pokemon spawns with more of the featured Pokemon. They also separately boost the Shiny rate itself as well, unlike Spotlight hours.

In other words, unless specified otherwise in the event description, Spotlight hours do not feature a boost to the encounter rate of Shiny Pokemon.

Ditto alongside shiny ditto
Spotlight hours just give you a better chance at finding Shiny Pokemon like this Shiny Ditto because there’s a lot of that one particular Pokemon around at the time.
Credit: The Pokemon Company, Bulbapedia

If you’d like to try to use Spotlight hours increased spawns of a single Pokemon to hunt down Shiny Pokemon regardless of their spawn rate though, you might want to check out the Shiny check method listed on our how to find Shiny Pokemon guide here.

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Anything else to be aware of?

That’s it really, sadly the shiny rate isn’t actually boosted during these events in Pokemon Go.

You can still use them to get a better chance of finding the featured Pokemons Shiny version, but that increased chance comes from encountering the same Pokemon over and over, not from the rate itself being any more generous than usual.

In other words, it doesn’t become easier to win, you simply roll the dice more often.

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