Andrew Tate hospitalized following arrest for human trafficking

Andrew Tate Arrested

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan are currently incarcerated following an eight-month investigation into alleged human trafficking crimes, with the pair currently being detained in Bucharest after being arrested on December 29, 2022.

This wasn’t the way the Tate brothers will have expected to end 2022 after a whirlwind year that saw Andrew Tate become one of the most searched people in the world.

But following a previous raid of their home in April 2022, the Romanian police continued their investigations before arresting the Tate brothers in December 2022.

Andrew Tate taken to the hospital

It has been reported by Romanian news outlets that Andrew Tate was taken to the hospital from jail on Friday, January 6.

There are conflicting reports about why Tate was moved from the Central Prison to a local medical facility. Some reports claim this is routine following a medical exam upon arriving at the jail in late December 2022, with the doctor now investigating an ailment discovered.

Andrew Tate Pizza
Credit: CobraTate

It has previously been stated in interviews that Andrew Tate suffers from asthma, so it is possible it is related to that. However, this is purely speculation based on his only known ailments.

Investigative journalist Cosmina Pricopie has revealed more information regarding his recent visit to a Bucharest hospital following his arrest.

“Yesterday he was taken out of the Central Prison of the Capital Police and taken to a hospital because when he was incarcerated, according to the procedures, he was given a medical examination and the prison doctor asked him if he was suffering from certain ailments.

The attorney for the Tate brothers notified the central detention center and stated that he had certain medical problems.

Based on this notification, yesterday he was taken to a specialist consultation in a hospital in the capital.

Now, from my information, he is again in the central detention center of the Capital Police.”

The Tate brothers will appear in court on January 10 to appeal their recent detention with the hope of being released on bail as the investigation into their alleged human trafficking crimes continue.


Reports have claimed that their Romanian house and many of their supercars have been seized by the authorities as part of the investigation. It is unclear where the Tate brothers will live once they are released from jail, which is expected following their 30-day detention.

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan are currently being investigated for alleged crimes relating to their webcam and Only Fans agency. But, more recently, the Tate brothers have found success with their online course The Real World, which teaches multiple money-making methods online, including freelancing, copywriting, and e-commerce for $49.99 a month.

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