Andrew Tate caught admitting to money laundering on wiretap?

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2022 was an explosive year for controversial influencer Andrew Tate, becoming the self-proclaimed “most Googled man on the planet.”

This incredible rise in popularity has been unlike anything we’ve seen before with any other influencer, with Tate going on to achieve worldwide fame and a following of millions almost overnight.

But 2022 wouldn’t end in quite the way Andrew and his brother Tristan Tate would imagine, as the pair would be arrested for human trafficking crimes and denied bail.

Andrew Tate begins 2023 in a jail cell

Andrew Tate has always been a controversial figure, with him being banned from multiple platforms for speaking out against the establishment and his views on women, which go against the norm.

But, his rise to fame was apparently orchestrated by Tate and his War Room members, with him using his fanbase to create content based on him which saw him become the most popular figure on TikTok despite not owning an account.

Through his multiple business ventures, including his online course The Real World, which helps students earn money in the digital age, Andrew Tate has gone on to amass a wealth of anywhere from $350 million to $1 billion, according to differing reports. But, regardless of the figure, Andrew Tate has become insanely rich.

This has all come crashing down with his arrest on December 29th, 2022, which came just one day after an unrelated Twitter feud with Greta Thunberg.

Since his arrest, Andrew Tate has become one of the hottest trends on social media, as thousands of users debate his innocence or guilt.

An appeal is set to be heard by a judge on January 10th, which, if accepted, could see him and Tristan freed from jail, where they have been detained since December 29th.

Andrew Tate admits to money laundering?

While Andrew and Tristan Tate are facing allegations of human trafficking, many have also been speculating that the brothers could also face money laundering charges, and there may be some truth to that.

Romanian news outlet Digi24 has claimed that they have obtained audio from a wiretap that shows Andrew Tate explaining how he is involved in money laundering.

Conveniently, the audio has been narrated by two actors and does not show Andrew Tate speaking to a woman regarding money laundering; you can check out the transcription below.

Prosecutors have obtained wiretaps in which Andrew Tate recounts how he broke the law and took advantage of women.

Andrew Tate: “You’re not stupid and you can probably guess how I make so much money. I have to hide what I’m really doing.”

Victim: “Web cam?”

Tate: “I’ve been doing this for a long time with a team of girls working on video chat. The company was fake, but this is how I laundered my dirty money. Some of the girls who worked for me. I used them to do other things. To move money or illegal things, documents, etc.”

You can check out the narrated version of the audio in the video below; it has been time-stamped.

With the alleged conversation being narrated by two actors rather than the actual leaked audio, we can’t verify that this conversation has taken place at this time.


The Click has reached out to Digi24 to request a copy of the leaked audio recording, but so far, the outlet has yet to respond to our request.

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