Tower of Fantasy Nucleus Guide: Where to get Black, Gold, and Red Nuclei

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Like the extremely popular game Genshin Impact, the newly released Tower of Fantasy is free-to-play. However, both games are primarily monetized through their gacha system. This mechanic allows players to pull for the characters they want from different banners.

Of course, in order to try getting the characters that players want, a special in-game gacha currency is required. In Tower of Fantasy, this currency is called Nucleus and it comes in different colors! With this, players can place a Special Order, take deep breaths, and hope they get the characters they want.

However, where can you get these Nuclei from? Can you get some in-game as a free-to-play player? Or can you only obtain them using real money? Here’s what you need to know.

How to get Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

There are three types of Nuclei, and they can be used in different banners. These are the Black Nucleus, Gold Nucleus, and Red Nucleus.


These Nuclei are the most common among the three and can be used in The Prosperity of Ida permanent banner. To avoid confusion, take note that while these are called Black Nuclei, they are actually purple.

Tower of Fantasy - Banner - Black Nucleus
Credit: Hotta Studio

You can generally obtain some Black Nuclei by progressing through the game’s quests, completing achievements, and exploring the game’s open world. There are quite a lot of items or locations that you can interact with in the overworld that will allow you to obtain some Black Nuclei, so take note of the following:

  • As shown by Shirli at the beginning of the game, you can acquire a Black Nucleus using Anenome and Water Cores. When you find an Anenome, look out for a Water Core nearby. Pick up the Water Core, then throw it into the Anenome. This process will produce a Black Nucleus.
  • Some dandelions with three stalks have one stalk that contains a Black Nucleus, and you can clearly see this. To obtain the Black Nucleus, you only have to attack the puff that contains it.
  • Tar Pits, which are small mounds in the overworld, contain Black Nucleus. You only have to attack them with the fire element.


These Nuclei are used in the other permanent banner in Weapons Galore. In this banner, you have a chance to obtain SSR Weapons (and characters).

Tower of Fantsay - Banner - Gold Nucleus
Credit: Hotta Studio

Like the black one, you can acquire some Gold Nuclei by exploring the overworld, completing story quests, and completing achievements. Moreover, you can obtain some by:

  • Defeating bosses in the Ruins
  • Opening chests
  • Purchasing from the in-game shop for 150 Dark Crystal

If you’re wondering where you can get Dark Crystals, they can be earned by simply completing story quests and earning achievements. You can also purchase Dark Crystals using Tanium. However, Tanium is a currency that can only be bought with real money.

Gold Nucleus can be used to place Special Orders where the pity system is applicable. If you wish to know more about Tower of Fantasy‘s gacha system, pity system, and banners, you might want to check out our guide on how to get new characters here.


These Nuclei are used for Limited Special Orders. With this, you get a chance to obtain the limited-time featured SSR Weapon (and character) for a particular season or period.

Tower of Fantasy - banner - gacha
Credit: Hotta Studio

Obviously, this is the most difficult one to obtain. Currently, you can obtain this by:

  • Purchasing from the in-game shop for 150 Dark Crystal
  • Purchasing the Daily Supply Box using Tanium (non-free-to-play)
  • Purchasing Gift Packs using Tanium (non-free-to-play)

While there aren’t more free-to-play options for obtaining Red Nucleus, it is possible that the game will introduce more ways in the future.

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