Does Warframe have cross platform support for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox one

Warframe is a popular fast-paced action shooter on PC and is also available on other systems, but does it have cross platform support? These kinds of features are necessary for parts of the game audience on a different system to be able to play with each other after all.

Is Warframe Cross platform with crossplay support yet?

No, Warframe does not yet have cross platform gameplay. Warframe currently only has support for multiplayer matches on the same version of the game, meaning that someone playing on PC will be matched only with others playing on PC.

Matchmaking won’t let you find people on those other game ecosystems, and friends who are playing on different systems, such as PS4 and Xbox Series X cannot join each other to play together because of this.

I specifically state ecosystems though as players on a PS4 can play with those on a PS5, likewise for Xbox systems.

Cross-platform and Crossplay support has been requested quite regularly by the Warframe Community, and we did get a response from the official Warframe Twitter, stating that ‘both cross-play and cross-=save are top priorities for 2022’.

With that in mind, it does seem that they’re in the works currently – but we don’t currently have either right now.

What is this about Cross-save in Warframe?

Cross-save is a similar concept to Cross-play. Rather than letting players play with people on different systems in matchmaking, which is what Cross-play does, Cross-save lets you take your game save and play it on a different system yourself – no different accounts needed.

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Cross-save could be holding up the process right now if they’re trying to do both at once though, as in a game like Warframe with so many different unlockables, and purchasable cosmetics, how precisely to handle users who have accounts on multiple platforms at once who want to ‘merge’ those accounts would be a bit of a stumbling block.

If Digital Extremes are not focused on getting both out at once, then I would imagine we could expect to see Cross-play – or Cross platform – whichever term you prefer, come to Warframe before Cross-save, separately.

Either way, both have been features the Warframe community has wanted for several years now, so news on any of these is welcome – though there hasn’t been much mention of either since that tweet it seems.

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