Arcane Season 2 confirmed to be in production

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After the breathtaking season finale of Arcane, League of Legends’ first animated series by Netflix, the producers confirmed that season 2 is already in production. The hype couldn’t be bigger right now!

The announcement came during the Undernight Cities event in Los Angeles, created in celebration of the release of League of Legends’ first animated series. The official Twitter account for Arcane delivered the good news to fans.

Arcane Season 2 confirmed on official Twitter

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This sneak peek for the next season features some known voices from the series. Caitlyn, Vi, and Jinx speak one line each, hinting at the future of the series.

“Every way I slice it, if I go after your sister alone, one of us comes back in a box.”

“I can do this myself. No one else needs to get hurt.”

“I’m glad it’s you. It had to be you.”

Beware spoilers if you haven’t finished Arcane yet.

These lines seem to be the aftermath of the climax in the final episode after Jinx finally snaps completely following the “treatment” she received from Singed in order to survive her wounds.

After killing Silco and completing her first Hextech-powered weapon, she delivers a giant missile (her in-game Ultimate, of course) directed at the Piltover Council, denying any possible peace treatment that could be imagined.

The following events, as well as any potential deaths, should be confirmed during the first episodes of Arcane Season 2. The series has been constantly changing the lore of the game, but we can be sure that at least Viktor and Jayce will survive the explosion.

A small but incredible detail is that Warwick Blood Hunt theme music (the one that plays whenever Warwick is chasing somebody with his W passive) is played during the last seconds of the sneak peek.

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The song is also played during some other key moments in the series, hinting that we’ll finally see the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun in the series. And not a small glimpse, as we did in the final episode.

No release date was set for the 2nd season, but fans are speculating it to be released around late 2022 or early 2023. The earlier, the better.