Genshin Impact: Who is Ms. Hina?

Last Updated on: 7th May 2022, 01:36 am

Filled with different characters both playable and NPC, Genshin Impact can be very confusing sometimes. Some characters are even so mysterious and only heard about in dialogues that you’re unsure whether or not they truly exist (in-game, obviously). 

One such character is Ms. Hina, who debuted in Genshin Impact 2.3 as part of Gorou’s Hangout Quest.

In the quest, although Gorou hadn’t met with Ms. Hina yet, both he and The Traveler had already heard a lot about her. 

A well-known and well-loved writer under the Yae Publishing House, Ms. Hina would offer advice and support to readers through a column in the “That’s Life” magazine. She was extremely popular that she even had a Fanclub and a human-sized public cutout.

And her face? She looked every bit like Goruo… but female! 

Credit: HoYoverse

Because of this, the Fanclub members wondered if Goruo and Ms. Hina were blood relatives and eagerly asked to take photos with him. 

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Ms. Hina’s Identity Revealed 

Prior to all those events, Yae Miko requested Gorou to take up an extra “job” at Yae Publishing House

This “job” was for an anonymous column in “That’s Life” where readers would write about their troubles and send them to Yae Publishing House, upon which Gorou would give them advice. 

Yae Miko specifically chose Gorou because she had heard that he, as the general of the Watatsumi Army, would often listen to his men when they talked about personal matters. 

Needless to say, the column became a huge success, but at times when Yae Publishing House delivered Gorou’s royalties, they would ask him: 

Gorou, have you heard of Ms. Hina?” 

Then, Gorou would respond something like this: 

“I’ve heard that she’s a rather popular columnist, and a recent one, too. Is something the matter?” 

Credit: HoYoverse

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Yup, as you must have already guessed, unknown to Gorou, he is Ms. Hina! And her creation was Yae Miko’s ploy to boost sales for “That’s Life.” 

At some point, Genshin Impact hinted who Ms. Hina was when the player heard from Gorou that he wasn’t an expert when it came to love. In the Hangout Quest, the Fanclub, regardless of how they must have loved Ms. Hina, talked about how bad her love advice was.