Genshin Impact: The Firmiana Leaf Falls Guide and Where to Find Bake-Danuki

The Firmiana Leaf Falls is the first act of Ayato’s Story Quest.

In this guide, you will learn how to unlock the questline, the steps to complete it, and where to find Bake-Danuki

There are 3 quests for this questline. These are: 

  1. New Shoots from Old Branches 
  1. The Truth Is Also a Lie 
  1. The Wind Settles 

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How to Unlock The Firmiana Leaf Falls

In order to unlock this questline, you: 

  • Need a Story Key  
  • Should have already completed Chapter II: Act III – Omnipresence Over Mortals, Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter Act I – Reflections of Mortality, Chisato’s Letter 
  • Have an Adventure Rank of at least 40 
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1st Quest: New Shoots from Old Branches 

  1. Go to the bridge near the Inazuma City waypoint to see some familiar faces. 
  1. Get inside the Kamisato Estate
  1. Go out of the Estate. 
  1. Talk to Ippei and Shinnojou
  1. Enter the Kujou Estate 
  1. Talk to Kamaji
  1. Head to the Hiiragi Estate 
  1. Try to talk to Chisato
  1. As Chisato is quite busy, buy some Dango Milk from the vendor at Ritou
  1. Go back to the Hiiragi Estate
  1. Leave the estate and talk about what you know so far. 

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2nd Quest: The Truth Is Also a Lie 

  1. Go to the cave. 
  1. Defeat the guards. 
  1. Find the Bake-Danuki* who took the key.  
  1. Free Shinnojou
  1. Go back to Inazuma City  
  1. Check the Bulletin Board
  1. Go back to the Kujou Estate  
  1. Talk to Kamaji
  1. Find Hideo and follow him. (Note: Don’t alert him of your presence.) 

* Where to find Bake-Danuki? 

  1. Near a torch. 
Credit: ZaFrostPet
  1. Disguised as a pile of rocks. 
Credit: ZaFrostPet 
  1. Disguised as a box. 
Credit: ZaFrostPet 
  1. At the shrine. 
Credit: ZaFrostPet 

After finding Bake-Danuki the fourth time, you will be able to get the key. 

3rd Quest: The Wind Settles 

  1. Forward time to two days and head to Ritou
  1. Talk to the people of Ritou
  1. Go to the Hiiragi Estate  
  1. Talk to Chisato
  1. Go to the Kamisato Estate. 
  1. Talk to Ayato

This completes The Firmiana Leaf Falls questline.

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