Genshin Impact: Getting the Lumenspar Locked Behind a Gate

As you explore The Chasm, you will most likely find a Lumenspar just sitting—or floating—behind a gate, as if saying, “Come and get me… If you can!”  

However, the gate is locked and won’t budge even though you have a Miner’s Key

Grrr… Why you!

Well, say no more! Here’s everything you need to know to get that taunting Lumenspar and some other good stuff, too! 

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How to Get the Lumenspar Locked Behind a Gate 

No, you don’t have to unlock the gate (but you can later). As they say, “When a door closes, a window opens.” And there’s a “window” where you can get through in this case.  

The “window” we are talking about here is the Den of Thieves which you can enter from the surface. 

There are quite a few steps to do this—you have to get 2 Treasure Map Fragments for crying out loud! But finally getting your hands on that taunting Lumenspar can be very rewarding. 

Step 1: Get the first treasure map fragment. 

You can find the first treasure map fragment in a bag under the Treasure Hoarders’ tent. We have marked the area on the map below. 

Credit: HoYoverse

Step 2: Get the second treasure map fragment. 

You can find the second treasure map fragment in a hanging satchel found northeast of the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel. We have marked the area on the map below. 

Credit: HoYoverse

Step 3: Check the treasure map and go to the marked spot. 

Now that you have the two fragments, you can check the Treasure Hoarders’ Treasure Map. On the map, you will notice that it somehow tells you to burn something on the marked spot. 

Credit: HoYoverse

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So, go there and look for a tent with barrel bombs next to it. 

Credit: HoYoverse

Step 4: Burn the Hay. 

On the tent’s floor, there is rug-looking hay. Simply burn it using the barrel bombs or Pyro skills. 

Doing so will reveal a secret trap door.  

Credit: HoYoverse

Step 5: Enter the Den of Thieves. 

Interact with the trap door to enter. Here, you will be transported to the Underground Chasm and find Exquisite Chest, Precious Chest, and voila! that taunting Lumenspar

Hah! Gotcha Lumenspar!

Finding the secret entry will also make you earn the Den of Thieves Achievement. Moreover, as we said earlier, you can open the gate from this side of the room if you want.

Phew… that’s quite an adventure to get a Lumenspar, but then again, collecting Lumenspar is vital for exploring the Underground Chasm. Together with Lumenstone Ore, it can be used to upgrade the Lumenstone Adjuvant

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