Genshin Impact: New details on Dendro reactions

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The Dendro element is not fully implemented in Genshin Impact yet, but new details on its reactions have been leaked by Genshin Intel, a reliable source for content that isn’t currently implemented in the game.  

While Teyvat has 7 elements, players are only able to wield 6 of them. We’ve seen some characters who are confirmed to have a Dendro vision such as Baizhu and Yaoyao, and some others are speculated to be the same, such as Cyno. But there are no signs of Dendro in the game, aside from a few enemies and the existence of the Burn reaction.

But Sumeru, the Dendro region, is the next area which we’ll be visiting, and now the Dendro element seems to be receiving some attention. Two new reactions have been leaked, and they are potentially very game-changing.

All details on the new Dendro reactions

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The two new reactions are Intensified (Electro + Dendro) and Overgrown (Hydro + Dendro). Intensified grants extra energy and boosts both elements’ efficiency against the targets, while Overgrown works like small bombs, dealing AoE damage around the affected area.

We shouldn’t forget about Burn (Pyro + Dendro), which is currently the strongest reaction in the game, having a Pyro damage multiplier of 3x. When applied by monsters, Burn also leaves a strong Damage over Time, but the reaction as a whole might work differently when the player creates it on enemies.

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Credit: Hoyoverse

At least for now, Dendro won’t react with Cryo, Anemo, or Geo. As it was speculated, Dendro will work more as a support element to others. Pyro characters may be able to reach even higher numbers, and Electro, which is considered a weaker element by some people, will get some nice boosts.

Genshin Intel also made a small Q&A to avoid confusion:

Sumeru should arrive during the second half of 2022, if Hoyoverse decides to follow the same schedule it made with Inazuma. What is certain is that when patch 3.0 arrives, we’ll have Dendro. Who knows when it could happen.

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Genshin Impact is currently in its 2.6 version, “Zephyr of the Violet Garden”, which features the return of Venti, Ayaka, and the introduction of her older brother, Kamisato Ayato. The Chasm is also available, with new enemies, quests, treasures, puzzles, and lore to discover next to Liyue. 

You can play the game for free on mobile devices including Android, iOS, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and Pc on both Hoyoverse’s official launcher and Epic Games Store. A Nintendo Switch version is stated to be in development.

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