Genshin Impact: Kamisato Ayato announced following art leak

Kamisato Ayato official Genshin Impact

Following the Kamisato Ayato art leak earlier today, the official Twitter account of Genshin Impact has announced the upcoming character.

Kamisato Ayato announced as upcoming character for Genshin Impact

Following the leak we covered just a few hours ago, the official Twitter account for Genshin Impact has done the same as it did with Yae Miko, and announced the upcoming character officially.

The announcement tweet is shown below.

Just to make sure you can get all that information in our article, I’ve also made a quoted copy below to be entirely safe – which also makes sure we have the information recorded if this announcement is premature and gets deleted.

“The game of politics is fraught with peril. My Lord does not take any joy in these ‘battles.’ For him, it’s just… a matter of duty” — Thoma

? Kamisato Ayato – Pillar of Fortitude

? Head of the Kamisato Clan

? Hydro

? Cypressus Custos

And as we expected from the leak, the announcement has also brought confirmation of the official teaser art for Kamisato Ayato, shown below.

Kamisato Ayato official Genshin Impact
Credit: Genshin Impact Twitter, miHoYo

This is about what we expected from the leaked drip marketing art for Kamisato Ayato, given the images are more or less a complete match, excluding the location and style of text and image cropping used.

Still, this is unfortunately the start of information regarding Kamisato Ayato, so we don’t actually know for sure what to expect when he comes to Genshin Impact. There’s a more than reasonable chance, however, that if he’s anything like Yae we’ll probably know just about everything there is to know about the character before he gets a chance to appear in the game for real.

Before that though, you can find more Genshin Impact content such as news, guides and of course more leaks in our dedicated Genshin Impact section, and you can find more general gaming content on our home page.

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