Genshin Impact: Kamisato Ayato promotional art leak

Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato upcoming anime project look

Yet another upcoming Genshin Impact Character, Kamisato Ayato, is starting to suffer from an information leak way before his release patch.

Kamisato Ayato Promotional art leak for Genshin Impact

The art that has leaked is what miHoYo usually use for the drip marketing well in advance of a character release – previously, this happened with Yae and her announcement in the next banner was made shortly after – so it might not mean he’s coming to the very next patch, but we can likely expect Kamisato Ayato in the next two or three patches sooner or later, and perhaps an official announcement regarding him soon if the trend with Yae continues.

In any case, here’s the newest leak this time.

Kamisatio Ayato promotional art leak
Credit: Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, miHoYo

Kamisato Ayato has a very clean appearance based on this, with a relatively fancy but not overdone design. Judging by the weapon he’s holding, he seems to be a sword user, as the general shape of the weapon, handle and location of the guard match a Katana – personally, I was hoping for a polearm, as Hydro Polearm sounds very unique.

Then again, it is worth noting the weapon he is holding is seemingly made of water, so he might be a bit like Childe or the Raiden Shogun where he can manifest another weapon that isn’t actually his main style.

Unfortunately, though, this is just the start of the verified leaks for Kamisato Ayato, so we don’t actually know for sure what to expect when he comes to Genshin Impact. Still, if he’s anything like Yae we’ll probably know just about everything by the time the game is ready to launch him.

At the very least, this now answers the question of whether or not he’s a Horse. He isn’t. Credit to the Wangsheng funeral parlor staff who are currently simping the now non-horse Kamisato Ayato for the image.

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